GPL and the Mac App Store

Evan Schoenberg, M.D. evan.s at
Tue Jan 11 23:32:44 UTC 2011

On Jan 11, 2011, at 5:16 PM, Zachary West wrote:
> This isn't going to happen, there's a huge amount of people who have contributed to the projects. If even only one of them isn't contactable or reachable it's gone. We basically need to relicense a core set of GPL libraries and that isn't going to happen.


> It would be free.

If the App Store becomes feasible, I suggest that we submit it in two forms, with one priced at $.99 or $1.99. The description would clearly state that it is also available for free and that you may choose to purchase it to support development; I honestly believe that the income stream from such an arrangement could support a full-time Adium developer. 

[No, I have no interest in being that developer].

Anyways, it's currently a moot point.

> I'm going to write a blogpost and hopefully have our users spam Apple with complaints. Not much more we can do.

Let's hold off on doing that until Karen has reported back.  She said she'd get back to me by early next week.


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