GPL and the Mac App Store

Robert Vehse robert.vehse at
Fri Jan 14 00:31:04 UTC 2011

Adium not being on the Mac App Store doesn't worry me too much on the grounds of what Eric explained. If a chance pops to get in up, that would be great, of course.

A blog post would be in order, so I'm glad Zac is working on one.

Am 12.01.2011 um 00:32 schrieb BJ Homer:

> <snip>
> I'd be willing to help. I've been needing a good open source project to work on for a while.
> -BJ

There is no lack of possible Adium projects, for example migrating our Facebook support to XMPP ( and Audio/Video chat support just to name two of the most prominent ones. Join us in #adium-devl on Freenode!


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