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Robert Vehse robert.vehse at gmx.de
Tue Jan 25 12:46:23 UTC 2011

In all, I'm pretty happy with the results of the vote.

I was surprised the two current icons for OTR got the most votes of the three (even if just by a small margin). I find they look cheap and plasticky.

Plus, I very much disagree with the megaphone imagery for notify.png. It may suit the word "notify", but it seems misplaced for the function that this icon name actually represents: nudge (MSN) / buzz (Yahoo) (or think of "poking" on Facebook).

Am 24.01.2011 um 04:07 schrieb Ryan Govostes:

> I am a little surprised by the results; I find that many icons that are quite similar have very different scores. Maybe others feel more strongly about these?
> emoticon32.png; info.png; pref-general.png; AddressBook.png; emoticon32_transparent.png; remove.png [removed results]

This does not surprise me. While the icons are similar in their imagery, I find some aesthetically far more pleasing. For instance, in the case of emoticon32.png, I find the current icon looks a bit cheap, plasticky while the red mouth on George's feels a bit odd.

> <snip>
> 1. While Bogdan's pref-appearance.png is similar to the Appearance preference pane icon, the original icon (two feathers of different colors) is something unique to Adium that I would miss if it were replaced.

I agree that the feather nicely alludes to Adium's icon of the dock. However, I think Bogdan's icon simply looks better. (I didn't notice it takes cue from the "Appearances" icon in OS X's System Preferences, heh.)

> 2. I've always liked the use of Adiumy's silhouette in place of the shadowy Mac OS X man. It too is a nice touch that builds a better identity for our app.

As with the feather I also like idea of using Adiumy here. Nevertheless, I chose Bogdan's icon. Here's why:
- I think it looks better.
- Having selected Bogdan's icons for AddContact.png, block.png and unblock.png, I felt it was more consistent.
Now, if someone came up with _beautiful_ icons for all these that use Adiumy silhouettes, I'd probably prefer those.

> 3. I like George's pref-mention.png icon metaphor better than Bogdan's (which won), because it indicates what the feature does --- highlight messages.

I actually voted for Bogdan's here, but now I agree with you.

> 4. I'm not a fan of any of the pref-status.png metaphors. The old sign one sort of made sense, and I understand the "do-not-disturb" sign that Bogdan was going for. I don't have a suggestion; it seems like it is a tricky one.

It is tricky. Of the three, Bogdan's seems the most logical one to me.

> 5. For pref-contactList.png, I'd like to see a combination of Bogdan's and George's work.

I'd be interested to know what it is you like in each specifically.

> 6. For pref-advanced.png, George's take on the current version loses the joke that made the original make sense --- the fact that the chalkboard says E=mc^2. That said, I do like his icon and I'd approve of it anyway.

I also think it looks okay, better than the original even but I agree it doesn't make much sense symbolically so this result really surprised me.

> 7. For linkToolbar.png, George's is closer to the icon used iWork, but I'd prefer the arrow facing to the right so as not to make it seem like an undo button or reply or something like that. Bogdan's is also nice.

Colour-wise, yes, it's closer to the link icon in iWork. I prefer Bogdan's and I thought it was a good idea to break with the chain link cliché but it seems more than half of the voters are of a different opinion.

> -- Ryan


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