Leopard-Ready Filetype Icons (Ticket #9392)

Evan Schoenberg, M.D. evan.s at dreskin.net
Thu Jan 27 03:29:08 UTC 2011

These are awesome and I propose we commit them. Any objections?

On Dec 20, 2010, at 1:44 PM, George Lambrou wrote:

> Hey all, I've done some more work on the Xtras icons; here's a rundown of the changes (I've included the updated files):
> The binder pages at the 32px and 16px sizes better match the generic filetype icon in Mac OS X.
> Contact List Layout and Theme icons have been completely redone to more closely resemble the Xcode and Interface Builder filetypes, respectively. I tried to use Adium-ish colours in the theme icon, but I'm not quite sure of my choices; your thoughts?

They're delightfully geeky; some of our users may not understand why there are hex-code color values, but the message remains clear even if you don't get the reference.

> Dock Icon now has a flapping Adiumy, and a Leopard style indicator on the Dock itself.
> Menu Bar Icon has been tweaked at the 32 and 16 sizes. The new page template gave me a little more room to work with at the 16 by 16 size, so I tried the double menu bar icon again; it looks a little less like a vending machine now, but I still want to know which one you guys prefer.
> I have some ideas for the remaining icons as well, but I'd like a little feedback on them from you guys before I go too far with them:
> Sound Set: A binder page holding a CD, kept in place by a tracklist flap on top.

> Service Icons (already in progress): A linework Aqua network globe with the icons of various services lining its edge; this one is going to take a little while, I'm making my own set of service icons for the purpose.
> Status Icons: A collection of various signs on a binder page.
> Message Style: A a collection of schematics for different message styles laid out on another binder page, or a standalone collection of various styles of blank stationary (think the iPhoto Library icon).

These sound fine to me.

> Chatlog: I thought that we could give chat logs their own icon. I've been brainstorming a few ideas, like a binder page with a series of messages on it, a chat bubble with Adiumy's head in it, or doing a standard OS X filetype with Adiumy on it and CHATLOG (or simply CHAT) written across the bottom.

I'd prefer to avoid words on the icons; remember that we can't localize the icons, but almost 40% of our users are running Adium in not-English.  Chat bubble is universally understood, though.

> Script: I submitted one previously, an AppleScript icon with Adiumy's silhouette on it; feedback here would be greatly appreciated.

I can't put my hands on this previous email.  Could you send it again?

Icons looking great.  Thanks for your work.


> Emoticons: I'm still working on the larger smileys. Other than that, I think this is done, right?
> So, that's where I am on the Xtras icons. Any feedback, ideas, etc. that you can offer would be greatly appreciated; I want these to be the best that they can possibly be.
> George Lambrou
> P.S. What's the status on the toolbar icon update?
> <AdiumListLayout.icns>
> <AdiumIcon.icns>
> <16 px (Double).png>
> <AdiumMenuBarIcons.icns>
> <AdiumListTheme.icns>

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