1.5 moving to 64 bit only

Evan Schoenberg, M.D. evan at adium.im
Tue Jul 26 23:48:54 UTC 2011

On Jul 26, 2011, at 5:49 PM, Adrian Godoroja wrote:

> Hi,
> as we all know, some time ago we agreed that 1.5 will be 10.6+ only.
> We wanted to let everybody know, that 1.5hg is moving to 64 bit only builds, of course if most of us agree with this.

As voiced nicely by Steve and Chris, this is not a good idea.  We gain little besides yet another transition.  We should instead be beginning to consolidate 1.5 toward a beta and later a release.  Switching to 64-bit only makes that no easier, nor does it simplify anything given that we're already successfully building universal i386 / x86_64 builds.


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