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Patrick Steinhardt steinhardt.p at
Fri Jul 29 09:33:03 UTC 2011

Hey guys,

as it has been requested by some listeners of our Devel mailing list I want to shortly introduce myself as a rather new member of the Adium development team.
I'm Patrick Steinhardt, also known as "pks" in IRC. Currently I study informatics at the Free University of Berlin (Germany) in the third semester and work as a software engineer.
I joined development two or three months ago and am part of the official dev-team by now. Contributions are visible on the 1.5hg repository only. Those range from bugfixes/cleanups to some new user interfaces (namely everything that uses tokens is developed by me) and possibly other things I did forget by now.

If you're interested in more information - feel free to ask. Contact information can be found on my Wiki page:

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