Plugin development tutorial?

Thijs Alkemade thijsalkemade at
Sun Oct 9 08:22:52 UTC 2011

On 9 okt. 2011, at 07:48, Brandon Fosdick wrote:

> I've decided to write a simple chatbot that lives in a chat window as a toy project. It seemed simple enough and probably a bit of fun too. Unfortunately, I hit a wall when I went looking for a plugin tutorial. "Toby's Guide to Plugin Authoring" appears to be very old, and presumably out of date. Google isn't being very helpful either.
> Is there any sort of tutorial or reference that I should be looking at? Is there an existing plugin with good source that I can use as an example? is a lot more up to date. And feel free to send questions to this list if you run into problems. :)

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