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Adium 1.5b1 has been released today.  No appcast for this release. You can
get it from

Changes include (but probably not restricted to):

Major changes

* Requires Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later

* Requires an Intel Mac

* Added 64bit support.

* Updated to libpurple 2.10.0mtn

  * Removed defunct QQ support.

* Various user interface improvements

Address Book integration

* Use a token field to specify the format to use for names imported from the
Address Book. (#7394)

* Added support for Facebook. (kbotc) (#137559

Authorization Requests

* First entry in the list is now auto-selected.

* Toolbar items now get disabled when no request is selected.

Contact List

* The contact list search now treats whitespace-separated words as keywords.
(Paul Vet) (#14354)

* Improved the logic for the display of tooltips. (Matthew Plough) (#12774)

* User picture menu now looks native on Leopard and newer systems. (#11964)

* Made the user picture an image well, added drag and drop support.

* Fixed positioning of selected icon in Recent Icons not being reapplied
when icon is reselected. (#9908)

* Added support for blocking/unblocking all contacts in a group. (Conor
Branagan) (#2177)

* Added a "Deselect All" option to the "Edit" menu. (based on a patch by
Tyler Funnell). (#10208)

Dock icon

* Moved the dock badge to the top right to be consistent with other Mac OS X
applications such as Mail. (#13439)

* Fixed dock badge text becoming too large. (#13088)

* Removed flashing of the contact name. (#14452)


* Made it easier to delete a fingerprint. (Aleksei Gorny) (#1654)

* The "Generate" button is now labelled "Regenerate" when a fingerprint
already exists. (Tyler Funnell) (#1128)

* Disable Encryption -> Initiate Encrypted OTR Chat, menu item, if encrypted
chat is disabled from settings. (Tyler Funnell) (#7389)

Events and Notifications

* Added the ability to add timestamps to Growl notifications. (Stuart
Connolly) (#9920)

* Added a "Do Nothing" event. (#3590).

* Added a "Message sent (Group chat)" event. (Will Bowling) (#12316)

* Added "Message received (Away)" and "Message received (Away Group Chat)"
events. (Joshua Stein) (#13278)

* Added Regex support for mentions. (#12832)

Get Info window

* Various visual refinements. (Paul Wilde) (#14441)

* Removed the service icon from the top of the "Get Info" window's first
pane (and from the contact list tooltip). (#14654)

Group Chats

* Added support for purple images (custom emoticons etc.). (Peter Fung)

Chat Window

* Rounded user icon in the chat window toolbar. (#3757)

* Renamed the "Show Info" toolbar item to "Get Info" for consistency. (Ariel
Chinn) (#14072)


* Added a "Reopen Closed Tab" menu item to the File menu that will restore
the most recently closed tab. (#12537)

* Clicking on a link whilst holding the Cmd key opens the link in the
background. (Aaron Dodson) (#12129)

* Added Imgur as a supported image uploading service. (Shayne Sweeney)

* Removed as a supported url shortener service. (Shawn Khan) (#14412)

* Fixed link insertion for NetNewsWire. (#11389)

* Added Google Chrome support for link insertion.

Message View

* Fixed "Recent messages" still showing with logging. (#12577)

* Smooth Operator replaced Stockholm as the default message style

* Added the "lastFocus" class for message styles to the latest message
received while the chat didn't have focus, and "regainedFocus" for the first
message received while the chat has regained focus after having previously
lost it.

* Made emoticons between packs more consistent. (#11450)

* Fixed the ":^)" emoticon being mistakenly interpreted the same as ":-\".


* Added ability to change which track information the "iTunes" status
displays. (#6373)

Transcript Viewer

* Added next/previous buttons for highlighted search terms within a
transcript (similar to Safari).

* Greatly improved reliability and speed of log indexing and search.

* Fixed a bug when writing inline images to chat logs. (Peter Fung) (#15186)

User Picture (Buddy Icon)

* Added ability to resize animated gifs that are too large. (#9885)

* Image wells for changing user picture support drag & drop and will also
open the Image Picker to edit the image if it's too large or not of square
shape. (20% off shape)


* Fixed some bad user interface behaviour in the "Customise..." sheet for
dock  icon in the "Appearance" pane. (#15158)

* Improved wording and alignment in the "Status" pane. (ctbeiser) (#15370)


* Added a preference for AIM: "allow multiple sign in locations" defaulting
to true. (Josh Perry) (#5790)


* Allow overriding the 140 character limit for StatusNet. (kbotc, brion)


* Added support for supported characters in Jabber IDs. (Marc Kalmes)


* Added version numbers for Xtras to Xtras Manager. (Ariel Chinn) (#11285)

* Fixed case in the path for the iChat emoticons. (#14936)

* Group chat userlists and the status icons selection menu in the
appearances preferences now use the tab version of status icons. (#13838)

* Fixed Xtras not displaying after Xtras Manager did load.


* VoiceOver no longer says "empty" before each item in the contact list.
(#12916 and #9004)

* The contact window's toolbar items now have appropriate labels. (#13010)


* The Downloads stack in the Dock will now bounce when Adium finishes
receiving a file.

* Quarantine received files after downloading, so the Finder will show a
warning before opening received applications (similar to Safari).

* Removed "Page Setup..." from the "File" menu. (#15367)

* Added the "On Accounts" table to the nextKeyView in the 'Add Contact'
window. (#14269)

* New "About Adium" dialog. (Thanks to Mike Houben & Paul Wilde for

* Updated Adium Help documentation to look native on OS X Lion. (Paul Wilde)

* Added a menu item to view release notes in the help menu. (#8569)

* Converted most AppleScripts from .scpt to .applescript files. (dak180)

* Miscellaneous improvements to Copyright.txt file.

* Rewrote the libpurple eventloop to use libdispatch. (#13932)

* Debug logging: All GLib's errors and messages, and all exceptions are now
logged to the Debug Window.
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