Work on the new contact list system (and editor) is coming along… don’t give up on us just yet 🙂

I’m interested in removing the contact list editor completely, and allowing the list to be manipulated directly in the contact list window. I think with some small improvements we can get a really nice inline list editor that is just as powerful as anything in a separate window would be.

In order to have fully functional inline editing, we needed some changes to how Adium handles contacts (especially contacts that are in more than one place on the contact list). I’m working on these at the moment, and things are progressing.

The changes should lift a few restrictions currently in place on our contact list, and allow thing such as separating accounts into their own groups, the ability to place groups within groups, and placing contacts outside of any group – in addition to the ability for an inline editor.

  • Adam Iser
  • January 31st, 2004
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