Speaking of an all new, customizable message display, here’s the low-down. The new message view is powered by WebCore, the same framework which drives Safari. Six completely distinct styles are included with Adium, and adding more is as easy as double-clicking a bundle created by a style author (several authors are already actively working on styles – check out the Adium Forums for more information).

Almost all styles support putting any image Safari can view behind your messages… play with the possibilities and, like a certain drink which I maintain is really just carbonated water and therefore a complete mystery, Make Adium Yours. The new view offers so much more customizability both for you and for us that there’s basically no comparison to the old message view… but if you really like the old one, included styles let you get that “Retro” or “Simple” feeling.

A few things are still to come for the new message view – in particular, control over the way sender’s names are presented (the alias versus the screenname or some combination thereof) and control over text colors. We gotta keep you excited for Adium 0.54 next week, eh? 🙂

  • Evan Schoenberg
  • April 30th, 2004
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