Podcast interview

I was interviewed earlier today by the cool guys at pixelzion. I talk about Adium, some of the neat reasons to use Adium, and there are one or two cool little things in there about what’s coming up for around the 1.0. I had a great time, and hopefully I’ll be coming back on there in the future.

7 Responses to “Podcast interview”

  1. Hawkman Says:

    That’s a pretty good podcast. It’s great to hear Adium getting exposure!

    Incidentally, I have some pretty decent 4-colour vector files for Adiumy, made with potrace, if you want them.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Very nice but I think the main guy animating the show seems to be lost in the fog … gets confused a lot. Keep up the good work on adium, it’s great.

  3. zerock Says:

    Nice interview! it was really entertaining too

  4. kaiwai Says:

    I’m not too sure if you read this; but is it possible, that when using MSN/AIM/Yahoo that Adium displays the correct emoticons when chatting with a particular person using a particular protocol? for example, if you’re using AOL, for example, it will only use the AOL emoticons?

    Also, is it possible to add the ability to allow people to add emoticons if we don’t have it, for example, if the individual, for example uses a custom icon, for example.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Video support for all apps (msn, yahoo, aim, etc) , pretty pretty please ?!?! 🙂

  6. Colin Barrett Says:

    Guys, support requests don’t belong in the comments, they belong on trac, our issue tracker.

    But thanks for the kind words, everyone else 🙂

  7. moo Says:

    wow. i’ve been using adium for close to 3 years now… and have called it aah-ddeeum this whole time… *ponders life itself*