Translator wanted

OS X supports tlhIngan Hol… do you?


  1. I’d love to do this(I study my language), but I’m not technical. If only I could translate just a text file with english word on the other side and I could just translate it right next to it and send the file to Adium developers…..

  2. klingon?

  3. Hmm. I used to be decent with Japanese. I studied it for six years, and then stopped using it. It’s all in my head (assuming the brain cells aren’t literally lost), but… Holding a conversation is pointless.

    Klingon would be hilarious! I also throw in a vote to add translation to Yoshi (as in Super Mario Bros.). Actually, that’s too easy: Every word is yoshi according to an old, old Nintendo Power comic strip.

  4. I have a passing familiarity with tlhIngan Hol, and with XCode (I assume that would be the proper way to fill a .lproj with strings).

    Would this be using the Klingon writing system as standardized by the KLI (Klingon Language Institute), or using the Roman script version of the language?

    Last I checked, the Klingon script was denied entry into Unicode.

  5. I’m not extremely familiar with Klingon, so I think “whichever the KLI is publishing Shakespeare in” is the correct choice 🙂

    And yes, there are 4 English .lproj folders (in Resources, AIUtilites.framework, Gaim.AdiumPlugin, and WebKit Messsage View.AdiumPlugin) which need translation.

  6. wtf? LOL

  7. How about 1337?

  8. What about Sindarin? That would be cool too.

  9. I wanna translate adiumx into thai

    : )

  10. Y3$ Y3$ Y3$. 7r4n$14+3 Aduim 1n+0 1337. 1 w1|| d0 1+. 1 4m t3h 1337 h4x0r.

    P.S. the above = YES YES YES. Translate Adium into 1337 (leet). I will do it. I am the 1337 hacker.

  11. What about Frisian?

  12. hey all i’d really love to get into program for MAC. if anyone could help me get into it i’d apprecaite it very very very much. also would xTools be any good for this, if not what would be and where would i be able to find it?


  13. no dude, you suck at 1337:

    -|-}={!5 |$ 73\-\ /_/8€12 1337-//355!

  14. Cha0s: I recommend the site CocoaDevCentral for mac programing tutorials. There are all kinds of tutorials there for people of most skill levels.

  15. Hi everybody, if you want, I can translate in PORTUGUESE – BRAZIL, thanks!

    Contact me at:

  16. It’d be fun to translate Adium into American Sign Language English. *shrugs*

    If you’d like, I can translate: dustin[at]deviantroad[dot]com.

  17. I can do the Hungarian translation if you want it so 🙂
    contac me at xsomebody @ gmail . com

  18. well, hi everyone, i can do simplefy chinese if u guys need me,

  19. I can translate Adium X into Portuguese (Portugal) 🙂

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