Adium X 0.88

I didn’t expect this release to be a big deal… but it turned into one, at least for certain cohorts.

Adium X 0.88 is a Universal binary, running natively on PPC Macs with OS X 10.2.7 or later and Intel Macs running OS X 10.4.0 or later. That’s a Big Deal for you early adopters out there, since Macworld’s recent benchmarking indicates that native applications may have as much as a 100% speed advantage over applications running in Rosetta.

We’ve fixed one of our longest-standing bugs ([#31]), a buglet rooted in Gaim code which was preventing MSN buddy icons (avatars) from updating properly. Autoconnection when waking from sleep, another longtime headache for certain users, should also be improved (and other common complaints about connectivity — particularly global status changes — are already fixed on the still-progressing-awesomely Adium 1.0 codebase). A number of other crashes and aesthetic bugs have been corrected, too; check out the Version History for all the details.

Fnally, Adium 0.88 welcomes our friends down under to the community with an Australian English localization.

Interested in getting involved with Adium? Please take a look at the Support & Development tab and browse the ticket system; we’re always happy to review patches fixing bugs and implementing features (both those which have been requested and those which are original enhancement ideas). There’s also the donate link if you’re so inclined, and if you’re looking for fantastic hosting please don’t forget our generous sponsors, Network Redux (our website host), CacheFly (our download host), and Penguin Militia Networks (our Trac and Subversion host).

Enjoy! 🙂


  1. Thank You very much for the Universal Binary. I’m most happy that Rosetta doesn’t have to use as much Memory.

  2. Um… Badges? There are none!

  3. The badging project is one of many enhancements that won’t be released until Adium 1.0, sorry 🙂

  4. Yay! Australian English! 😀

  5. I am looking for a host, preferably fantastic, and I’m wondering what sort of uptime you get from Network Redux?

  6. Avatars are still not updating properly for me 🙁

  7. thank u very much for ur time and efforts…thumbs up for the adiumx team!

  8. Odd mathematics? If Rosetta applications run at 50% the speed of native applications, then the native applications runs at double the speed of those emulated under Rosetta: 100%.

    Thanks for a wonderful app!

  9. Thanks for the great update! =D

  10. I’d like to point out a wrong translation in the Dutch version: where you can choose where to place the status icons/avatars/service symbols, the option “left” is wrongly translated to “is weggegaan”, it should be “links” instead 🙂
    not a big issue though 🙂

    Thanks a lot for a far better im stystem than microsoft messenger! ^^
    I <3 Adium!

  11. Thanks for the universal binary!

  12. thanks for the update, what is different in the australian localisation as opposed to the british? (not that this aussie is complaining :P)

  13. I used Adium for a long time until file transfers made me switch back to (shudder) AIM. I recently downloaded .88 and I’m VERY impressed with it! Kudos for a great, Mac OS X-esque app!!

  14. Awesome update, especially if the buddy icons are indeed updating!

    *Sacrifices a goat to the Adium dev-gods*

  15. Nice nice!! But.. as there’s always _something_ to complain about… Sizes increase singificantly with universal binaries, apps easily get 1 1/2 as big, it seems. Now, 25 MB for a IM client is BIG in my opinion. Is there no way to trim it down? Mac apps are big anyway compared to Windows apps (and Linux apps with al their dynamic/shared libs).

    No harm intended, just a remark 🙂 Thank for a great app!!

  16. My favorite new feature is the constant crashing when GTalk/Jabber tries to login. It is AWESOME.

  17. @Lorin Renodeyn

    I’ve fixed this problem, but I guess Evan hasn’t applied it to the source yet.

    Still working on improving the Dutch localization 😉

  18. oh, ok ^^
    I’m already very happy that there’s a dutch flavour 🙂
    As far as i noticed all other translations were fine ^^
    I’m always willing to help you guys translate if that would be necessary. Dutch is my mother tongue 🙂

  19. Next stop Adium 1.0!!! Will there be a beta out for it soon?

  20. What is size difference between a PPC version, intel version, and a universal version? Maybe it would be better to create two versions of Adium-one for intel and one for PPC.

  21. niklas, you’re right — complete mental shutdown. Fixed.

    As far as the size increases of a Universal binary, we unfortunately won’t be offerring multiple downloads in the near future. It’s a cost of doing business in the modern OS X world that binaries are of increasing size. For the record: Going Universal added 2 MB to the download size and about 5.5 MB on disk.

  22. Thanks for the Aussie translation mate.

  23. Just wondering why exactly Adium can’t offer a separate PPC and Intel version of Adium each compiled for the respective platform?? Why is this such a no-no??

    I’m sure most Adium users will be aware if their have a PPC or Intel CPU inside their Mac.

    Besides it will save Adium bandwidth cost from everyone downloading that extra 2 MB of Intel code useless to 95% of Mac users.

  24. Just throw the Adium Application File in TrimTheFat utility…

  25. Until it supports screen captures on the Mac, it just isn’t as useful as iChat.

  26. “Intel Macs running OS X 10.4.0″… As far as I know, it only started with 10.4.1 or .2, and I guess until 10.4.4 it was supposed to be “beta” intel versions of tiger…

  27. Wow, this is an awesome update. Especially the MSN bugfix.

  28. anybody else who still runs panther having a problem with .88 freezing before ever getting started? I can’t make it work for the life of me.

  29. Hrm… Adium still seems to refuse to reconnect to servers sometimes. Generally the only way to get it to connect (after sleep or a network location change) is to click on each account and tell it to connect. Generally I find it quicker to Quit and re-launch.

    Overall tho, Adium is great. By far the best IM client available for Mac OS today.

  30. @JWB

    I have the same problem, Adium refuses to send messages (i’m getting an connection-error) especially when i just woke my Mac from sleep. This problem keeps accuring until I relaunch Adium.

    The strange part is that this problem first showed up after the update to 0.88 final (the beta didn’t sport this bug).

  31. I am experiencing the same problem as above. It seems i have to login out and in several times to get it to work correctly.

  32. Same here.. and I get the same reports from everyone else that I know who uses Adium!

    This should get the highest priority because it is really really annoying!

  33. #2834 for the connection error issue.

  34. why can’t you change the font color in your profile info

  35. Is there any word on webcam support for MSN?

    I also still dont’ see all icons updating that well.

  36. All support should either go to:
    1. Trac, or
    2. The Forums

  37. This release is crashing every now and then.. incredible annoying.

    besides that, a great msn client!

  38. I love this program. A big issue I am finding is that the invisible status icon does not show me as invisible on AIM chat. People see me as being available. I saw someone post this same issue about 8 months ago, but there was no response. Any workaround for this?

  39. Excellent job, astounding job!

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