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Those of you who run our current SVN source may have noticed that the EMD (the status menu item which displays in the top menu bar: the Evil Menu Duck) has been in a bit of flux recently. Evan changed it to use a status icon only. I think this looks a bit plain, so I changed it to have a badge. Evan thinks this looks ugly, so he reverted it to the status-icon-only.

So Evan and I worked out a plan — a request for those of you currently running SVN.

  1. Over the next day or two, I want you to pay attention to the EMD in different states (available/away/idle/invisible/offline), and think about how you like it as a status icon only. I mainly want you to use it normally.
  2. Then I’ll commit my current implementation (which brings back the badging, but now resized to no larger than the lower-right quadrant of the Duck). I’ll give that a week.
  3. Then I want you to email feedback (at with your opinion: which one do you prefer, and why? What do you like and dislike about the status-icon-only version, and what do you like and dislike about the badged version?

Thanks for your help.


  1. Are there any precompiled builds available or do we need to compile everything ourselves? Where and how?

  2. I’d like to help, but I have no idea what EMD is 🙂

  3. “Are there any precompiled builds available or do we need to compile everything ourselves? Where and how?”
    Same question. Are there sort of nightly builds?

  4. I personally do not like for it to use the the status icon. I think it looks rediculous. So far the best I’ve seen is the black silhouetteof the adium duck…Can’t wait to see what your badge looks like.

  5. A bunch of screenshots will make the survey even easier, don’t you think?

  6. Yes, you need to compile it yourself. The issue has been discussed in the forums and every time they say the same thing about not posting “nightlies” for other people to download as in the past it has caused some issues.

  7. “Yes, you need to compile it yourself.”

    Are there some instructions on how to do it?

    I know how to use XCode and all that, but I don’t know how to get the source code and so on…

  8. how can i make my own sound? i wanna get the sounds of yahoo messenger.. can someone help!


    This will explain how to get the source code.

  10. I can and will do such!

  11. technically, this was only addressed to people who already have an SVN checkout built and working. building SVN is not a trivial task, and we don’t offer support if it doesn’t work. and we definitely do not promise that it will work — at least once, an SVN build has eaten data. do understand this risk before you make the decision to build SVN.

  12. hey all i’d love to help but i dont meet the requirments for SVN. is there another way i can help out?

    i’m on Panter so i cant run Xcode 2.0.

    let me know what i can do to get in on this.


  13. put screenshots !! it would be easier.

  14. I’m looking for input from people who are using the status menu item. the difference between the images is as I laid it out in the blog post — much more elusive is how easy it is to actually live with either icon.

    so, thanks for the offers of help, but no screenshots. at least until a decision is reached. 😉

  15. I like having the status Icon in the menubar. It’s a little bit cleaner and easy to distinguish. The Badge is cool and people seem to like it though, so maybe an option to use either/or? If that doesn’t over clutter things at least.

  16. Is there a way to get rid of the top menu adium icon?

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