The votes are in

Six people voted for the badged Duck. Three people voted for the status icon only. And one person was ambivalent, just so long as we had a status icon.

So the badged Duck stays. And I’m happy to say that Evan grew to love it too. ☺

As I promised, here are screenshots. These are taken in the Away state:

  • Gems: The status menu item, badged with the Away icon from the Gems status icon pack.
  • iBubbles: The status menu item, badged with the Away icon from the iBubbles status icon pack.
  • Chat Bubbles: The status menu item, badged with the Away icon from the Chat Bubbles status icon pack.

The Available and Offline states look the same as they do now: no badge. Also, as I mentioned in a previous post: All other states get a badge, which is taken from your current status icon pack. So if you change status icon packs, the badge will change with it. Also, because the badge image is separate from the Duck images, if you change the Duck images, the badge will not be affected.


  1. To be honest I generally only like black/grey icons in the top menu bar – icons that are coloured tend to really glare out like a sore thumb.

    I do however understand that it’s useful to be able to communicate the status of the user using this icon, and also whether the user has a message (contrary to my anti-colour stance I actually like the red eyes).

    Are badges the best way to go about this? I imagine that you can represent online/offline/away with the following changes to the logo:

    * online – unchanged from current icon – all black
    * offline – a very light grey version
    * away – a black outline of the icon with a grey centre

    What do you think?

  2. The badges look cool; will the duck’s color be fixed, though? It should be dark grey (RGB 48,48,48) like the other menu icons, not pitch black.

  3. Most of the stuff that people want fixed can be changed by the user if I’m not mistaken. The badges for instance, are dependent on the current status icon set. So either change your set, or make your own (Then get it out to the rest of us ;)). Same for the duck images, if you like it pink – then make it pink. Whatever floats your boat man!

    Hard to believe on six people voted…

  4. sam aaron: I’ve seriously thought about adding a complete set of prefs for the status menu item, complete with a status-menu-item-icon-pack option. I don’t think it’ll happen, but it would resolve a lot of ‘I wish it worked this way’ requests. maybe for 1.1 or something.

    anonymous: I hadn’t noticed that. the Keychain MenuExtra has a black icon, but the Script and Volume menus both use the colour you mention. the Dvorak keyboard layout (as indicated in the Input MenuExtra) uses a slightly different colour: 46,46,46.

    mike: ten people voted. six of them voted for the badge.

  5. I’m waiting for that MSN byline feature thing. Whatever it’s called. Where you can leave a personal message by your name. That’s what I’d love.

    I’d say just release the Universal version as is. If those Intel people find errors, well, good for them to be able to afford a shiny new Intel Mac on day one! The lucky buggers…

    I’m not being serious. 😉

  6. I would make the badge a little bigger its really small on my screen.

  7. Sorry, I basically meant, “I can’t believe we only had 60% of the vote.”

    I was expecting at least 70% :p

  8. I don’t think this is the best way to go about this. The badges are really small and only make sense when a status icon set is used that has enough color to contrast the black. I think a changable icon set like the dock icon would have made more sense. Kind of like the iChat icon.

  9. badged !!!

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