Adium X 0.89

Adium X 0.89 is now available. This is a small bug fix release which fixes a major messaging problem for MSN users ([#2834]) and a very common crash for Google Talk users ([#1493]). There are also several other bug fixes as well as localization updates – see the Version History for all the details. Enjoy! 🙂

Edit: The blog still isn’t a support forum, and all support requests will be completely ignored. Please see the Support & Development tab for support.


  1. what version can we expect next? 1.0? 0.9? 0.89.1?

  2. Awesome … The google talk crash has been a huge problem.

  3. i cannot show my msn user name at 0.89

  4. For some reason when I attempt the download I get version 0.88 not version 0.89 as advertised by the update and download web page :-(.

    To answer the version numbering question then next version would be 0.90 but that is entirely up to the Adium team as to what they wish to call the next version ;-). Going by the roadmap I don’t think it will be version 1.0 looks like they still have a little bit of work to do before they can pull out version 1.0.

  5. Is 0.9 (or whatever the next one turns out to be called) going to be a fairly major update, then?

  6. I’ve been trying to download the new version but every time I try to copy the application out of the mounted disk image I get an error. This has never been a problem with past versions.

  7. hello I will want to know has when one am updated of Adium on MSN, for the videos
    conférance and the audioconference?

  8. maybe 🙂 make us happy webcaaaaam!

  9. Best. Release. Evar.

    I’m absolutely loving the new dock icon behaviour – if the Contact List is hidden, clicking the dock icon brings it back, otherwise, it brings it to the front. Great stuff. I filed bug 2902 which was, in some ways, related to this sort of thing… the solution in 0.89 is much sweeter though. Love it.

    The bugfixes aren’t half bad, either 😉

  10. there’s a bug where after being invisible since last night, when I came back to my comp today on AIM, the people I have blocked, they still were listed in adium as blocked but they were showing up online- which was really weird…
    I exited adium and restarted in availible mode (not invis) and it was fixed (aka they were offline again).


  11. Im assuming this has been said/asked before, but any chance of support for an unfortunate windows user such as myself? Im currently using Trillian, and as much as i like it, im ready for change. Not to mention that AdiumX just looks awesome. Is there anyway to emulate it on my computer (without too much of a performance lost)…? Anyway, thanks for hearing me out 🙂

  12. All is fine now…it’s pulling down version 0.89 now :-).

  13. elessar, Adium is built on OS X technologies and it’s highly unlikely that it will show up in Windows. If Trillian isn’t your style, you can try Gaim — most of their code ends up in Adium…

  14. Eh, tried Gaim, didnt really like it. There’s just something i like about AdiumX…thanks anyways.

  15. i just wanted to say THANKS for making such an AMAZING chat app for Mac users! I love it

  16. Can their be a status setable in the contact list for people on block.

    Its pretty bad that all this time you cant seem to see if someone is blocked at a glance 🙁

  17. for some reason after i updated my os to 10.4.5 (recently update as of 2/17/06), when people message me or when i try to message out, it often slows down to the point where it freezes or not respond. Is there a problem with the new update or will there be a new update for adium? Thanks

  18. I just downloaded Adium yesterday, and i love it!! The sounds are hilarious. I’ve already downloaded Goonies, Star Wars, and Gir. I’d love to see an audio set from Wonderfalls, but i have no clue how to do it myself. Anyways, Thanks for this program!!!

  19. Since I have downloaded 0.89, I cannot login to GTalk, AIM, or Yahoo. Only MSN is accessible for me. I reinstalled the app and that has not seemed to help. It is not our firewall, as i have installed AIM for Mac and it works fine. Any ideas when this may get fixed?

  20. I downloaded the latest version of Adium 0.89 and it doesn’t automatically log in when waking from sleep mode. I’ve read online that autoconnection had been improved for version 0.88, so I’m confused why it doesn’t autoconnect for this version.

  21. OMG!!! 🙁
    I still can´t get my AIM account to work in AdiumX 0.89, or in Proteus 4.12.
    It all works fine in iChat.
    I am losing my mind soon.
    Can someone please help me with this? 🙁
    I swear i will cry soon. 🙁
    I use Mac OS X 10.4.5, and i have checked all settings over and ovr again, but it just tortures me. 🙁
    It is really sick. 🙁

  22. Will Jingle support be available in Adium? 😀

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