joscar Merged

The adium-joscar branch has been merged to trunk. What this means is that the branch is now effectively bunk and if you have been using the branch, you need to switch to trunk now. I’ll delete the joscar branch when I’m confident everything is going to be stable on trunk.

I’ve tested joscar on an Intel iMac thanks to the IT department at school, where they gave me free run of one for about 5 minutes to test this, and I’ve done some work testing it on stock Java installs, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t run everywhere trunk did before the merge.


7 Responses to “joscar Merged”

  1. [rux] Says:

    Nightly Build ? Beta Build ? Anything ? He he …

  2. Anonymous Says:

    when will can download the baby ?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Will can download the baby about 9 months after conception.

  4. Benji Says:

    I will have an intel Mac in a couple of days if you are looking for testers!

  5. solidsnake Says:

    why not download the SVN and compile yourself? You could have it today…..

  6. Casey Says:

    Hey, I have a 2GHz Macbook Pro and I’d be more than happy to test new builds for you. Feel free to contact me

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Some people just don’t get it do they? They aren’t going to track you down to beta test. Download the SVN and compile it yourself. It really doesn’t take rocket science to figure that out.