Photo of an LCD showing the SoC web app: “Application accepted!”We’re thrilled to announce that amidst extremely strong competition, the Adium team has accepted the following six applications for the Google Summer of Code 2006:

Integration of Jingle (Voice chat, and video chat in the far future, over Jabber)
Student: Alvaro Saurin
Mentor: Evan Schoenberg
More information about Jingle

Jabber enhancements by integrating the Smack library
Student: Andreas Monitzer
Mentor: Augie Fackler

Improving disability support
Student: Chirag Shah
Mentor: Peter Hosey

Psyduck — A Desktop Presence Framework
Student: Joshua Lock
Mentor: Colin Barrett

Enhanced tabs through PSMTabBarControl
Student: Kent Sutherland
Mentor: David Smith
More information about PSMTabBarControl

Allowing the user to separate out parts of the contact list
Student: Nicholas Peshek
Mentor: Brian Ganninger

We had many other applications that we wanted to accept, but we could only accept six. Thanks go to everybody who applied — if you’re passionate about Adium, please consider joining the development team independently of the Summer of Code, as fresh ideas and helping hands are always welcome. Otherwise, we hope to see you next year.

(Note: A previous version of this post said “eventually video chat”, not “video chat in the far future”. The change is in the interest of clarification: Video is not going to happen anytime soon. It’s a lot of work, so it will be some time before it’s implemented in any form.)


  1. Very intersting news! Sounds good!
    (I think that the link for Jingle sould be )

  2. Nothing for MSN? Sigh…

  3. msn sucks.

  4. MSN is being handled by the Gaim team, who received several SoC applications for it. Check their page and see what projects they’re doing.

  5. Good news. Can’t wait to see the outcome of the SoC 🙂

  6. why oh why is it so hard to implement video? If Yahoo could do it YEARS ago what’s stopping it from happening in Adium? I’m just really confused.

  7. Yahoo! also has millions of dollars to throw at developers to make it work, and they also control their IM network, and they also are able to get people who have A/V experience. If you don’t think it’s hard why don’t you do it?

  8. I second what the 2:57PM anonymous had to say. Do you really think that Adium, a free software project, has the same level of resources available to Yahoo, a very large corporation? I suggest that you listen to the CocoaRadio podcast interview episode mentioned in the previous blog post.

    Congratulations, SoC students. I too look forward to the outcome of this, and I want to thank you in advance for helping to make Adium even better.

  9. It’s a pitty… video is truly important when an user choose the program that will use. Hope you get it…

  10. The thing is every who is asking probably wants it for MSN, and as you can see by the other implimentations of it (amsn, mercury messenger) it kinda sucks right now. Mainly because 3rd party clients don’t generate any revenue for them, so they aren’t going to make implimentation easy. If you want to use video for AIM, you won’t get anything better then iChat. And you can run iChat at the same time you run adium.

    But back to the main reason of this blog and not to hijack it, a BIG congrats to those SoC students who had their proposals accepted and good luck this summer!

  11. you guys rock! now if you support Y!M goodies and iChat stuff (e.g. videos) then you will rock more! but even if you don’t you still rock in my book! 🙂


  12. damn it’s a chat not an uber industrail program
    we need msn with no file transfer limit and the ability to send and get custom emoticons!
    this is a chat!
    implement chat features

  13. It’s a free, open-source app. If you want a feature, do it yourself. If you don’t know how or don’t want to, then calm down and appreciate what you have been given.

    Adium is hands down the best IM program ever made, and I look forward to seeing what these six can contribute towards making it that much better. Congratulations to all.

  14. i’m a new mac user … how do you run ichat and adium at the same time?

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