Forums down

Hi folks,

I’ve outlined the downtime at my personal blog, here is a direct link to the post:

I’ll post there and here when things are back up.

4 Responses to “Forums down”

  1. ktml Says: is very very slow to me as well. I wonder if it’s just me.

  2. ktml Says:

    Ooops sorry, didn’t read the whole post – “Mostly this is static images for the Trac installs, along with a few other things”
    that explains why 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Do the problems have any relationship to why beta 5 won’t download? I have twice gotten a message that there is a new beta, and tried to download and install it, but each time it aborts.

    Ironically, today, Adium crashed while launching (which b4 has been doing for me), but I can’t send a crash report cause I don’t have the latest beta!


  4. Anonymous Says:

    And this is nothing. In addition, Beta 5 crash report is based on the beta 4 one, so it is impossible to send logs with the new version too (“Your version is 1.0b4; the current version is 1.0b5. Please update to the latest version, as your crash may have already been fixed.”).