Please don't post this beta…

So far, all of the first three Adium 1.0 betas have been posted to digg and have made its front page.

Evan, David, and I have made the notice at the top of the beta page bigger and made it specifically mention digg. Here’s the current version:

Please do not post this beta to version tracking sites like MacUpdate or VersionTracker, or news sites like Digg. This is a beta; as such, things may not work properly.

So don’t. Please?


  1. You’re funny! 😛

    Of course it would be posted to news sites such as digg and many other.

    More users, more feedback. It can’t do wrong as long as everyone reads that it’s a BETA: “Look stupid, this is a beta, it may crash!” 😛 or something like that…

    Anyways… good luck with this 🙂

  2. Look, even though people will say “oh sure, people will post it to digg or whatever, what can you do?” when the devs ask you not to do it, you’re basically an asshole if you do.

    So don’t be an asshole, mmmkay?

    You might think that having all of these users testing the beta is a good thing, but it isn’t really. First of all, because of Google, people hear “beta” and they think that it means that it will work just fine. Second of all, people who don’t follow development and who don’t understand how trac works and who can’t and won’t file bugs (but still complain) end up creating a lot of confusion and potential bad press for the project when there is testing software out there.

    Third of all, there is another set of users who know how to use trac but don’t know how to search for duplicates, or don’t both to search and read for duplicates, so the bug reporting system gets filled up with dupes and now the devs have to take time to go through all the fucking dupes to find out what might be a real new bug and what might just be yet another dupe posted by someone who can’t fucking write and can’t fucking spell and doesn’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

    So for fuck’s sake, listen to the developers. If you want them to release betas, then you’d best do what they ask you otherwise in the end beta testing will be invite only and it will take a lot longer for all of us to get the great software we want. GET IT?

  3. I understand the devs. many people are a bit dumb. they download the beta and then they come back and tell that it broke something and write to 666 bulletin boards that xyz is a big piece of shit as it broke something. they open dumb trouble tickets and steal time. so in fact only intelligent and nice people should be beta testers.

    but, i have to admit that we posted the svn version which corresponds to 1.0b1 on our (news) site, too. but we didn’t link back to the adium beta site – we put our own download there and waste our own traffic 🙂

    the thing is.. minutes after we released the news this change came up:

    so maybe many people expected that it would be okay to post it on news sites.

    cheers and keep up the good work!

  4. That was an oversight on my part. I only meant to add “version tracking sites like MacUpdate and VersionTracker,” not take away the part about news sites.

  5. Perhaps it would be worth contacting Digg and asking them to ban links to the Adium betas? Just a thought…

  6. I think is Thursday July 6, not 7 (in the beta page). Get some sleep! 😉

    On the Digg topic, there’s now a “bury” feature, so if another beta appears on there, you can just post a thread in the Adium forums and people will bury the story.

  7. I understand your point of view, but Digg, Slashdot and the likes are user submitted, you can try to bury them, but if I were you I would take the buzz. It may not help the bug tracking, but it builds your future user base. I also think you are risking backlash by asking people not to do this. People don’t like the idea of being told what to do. Be happy that you are getting the attention. If three betas have made it to the front page, then people are interested in your project. Be proud of that.

  8. Where is cirillic encoding in preference of adium (icq)

  9. I remember reading this blog a couple of months ago. Is it possible you could deflect links from Digg or other newsites?

  10. And iSight support? Will that be integrated too? Would be great! I am sure Adium will be the best IM application for the Mac, i love it! So please.. could you integrate it? Thanx a lot!

  11. I’m lovin the new look of the 1.0 beta. Keep up the great work!

  12. James Deville, you’re so full of shit. It’s their damn project. If they don’t want to be posted, digg-tards should respect that.

  13. Where is encoding in preference of adium beta? Mesages on Russian don’t correct! Tnx.

  14. I am loving the new beta. Any chance of QQ support in the future?

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