Adium beta AIM problems resolved

For those keeping score at home, the problem with AIM in Adium 1.0 beta stemmed from overexcitedness on the beta’s part. AIM imposes a “rate limit” which prevents clients from sending too much data too quickly. We were effectively ignoring that rate limit during the sign on process.

That was well and good (sic), except that an AIM server upgrade, unrelated to Adium or any other third party client, occurred on Thursday of this past week. That upgrade included stricter rate limiting requirements, which pushed Adium 1.0 beta over the edge. After the upgrade, users whose buddy lists required significant information requests during sign on — large number of buddies, many away buddies with away messages, many buddies with buddy icons — were summarily kicked during sign on.

We’ve fixed the problem for 1.0b9, which will be available in the next 24 hours. 🙂


  1. yay

  2. Thanks for the great work and quick fix! I’ve updated svn and rebuilt and it works all fine and dandy again :).

  3. b9 works fine so far

  4. Thank goodness!!! (And thank you!)

  5. all bow to the mighty ADIUM programers

  6. adium people can do anything!

  7. …still doesn’t work for me…

  8. Thank you. I can now live normally now that Adium is working for me again.

  9. Oh, you’re sick!

  10. yay, icq finally connects to server. that’s a very good thing 🙂 I love it

  11. yay adium! weeeeeeeeeeee!

  12. It still doesn’t work for me. One of my AIMs won’t connect.

  13. I’m still having issues as well. i even went through and killed off about 2 dozen aim contacts, and it still didn’t help. None of my other clients experience this problem. Blew away Adium, re-downloaded it fresh, still does it.

  14. So… how do i upgrade to 1.0b9 ?

    And what about the commenters saying they’re still having trouble… is the issue really fixed?

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