How fast can you build Adium? Ask Apple

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past nine hours, the Mac Pro was among the things announced today at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

And on the Mac Pro site, they have a Performance page showing benchmark comparisons of the Mac Pro to the quad G5 before it. Under “Science and Technical Computing”, there are six benchmarks. One of these is “Xcode: Build project”.

The project they built for this test was Adium X 0.89. ☺

I, for one, think this is very cool. Thanks, Apple. ☺ And thanks also to Arvid Norberg to tipping us off to this.


  1. Man, that’s really cool.

  2. That is so awesome!

  3. score one for adium

  4. But how long did it take to build…

  5. Nice that they use it, but can we finally get rid of the zillions of error messages from Adium in the syslog on Intel Macs?

    2006-08-08 08:34:46.992 Adium[7079] Libezv: Invalid rendezvous announcement: incorrect version: 16777216
    2006-08-08 08:34:46.992 Adium[7079] Libezv: Invalid rendezvous announcement for 10_0_0_3: no port specified
    2006-08-08 08:34:46.998 Adium[7079] Libezv: DNS Name decode error, compression offset invalid!
    2006-08-08 08:34:46.998 Adium[7079] Libezv: DNS Question decode error, bad name


  6. Wow! Can’t believe that!

  7. The bigger question I think is how is Adium going to survive against iChat in the release of Leopard next spring that is going to contain nearly all of the features that Adium does (tabbed chat windows, mulitiple accounts, etc.) while adding things like video conferencing, and iChat theatre? Will adium still be able to compete and if so, what are you going to do to innovate so that adium stays alive?

  8. i have no doubts with adium staying alive after the release of leopard and the new ichat. i like simplicity and the support one can get from the forums (like an extended family). the devs are more helpful than i ever imagined. i have no need for video, etc so my vote goes to’s done the job for 4 years now, no reason to look elsewhere.

  9. If I get a web camera (and other people to use it with) I may look toward iChat for that functionality, but I don’t think it will be a killer feature for quite some time. I love the way adium works and looks (iChat can’t compete on looks. hands down) and am not looking to switch.

    I just want file transfers to work 🙁 Come on 1.0!

    Keep up the great work guys!

  10. I suppose that Adium Devs have already talked about that, but what if Apple suggest to buy Adium to call it iChatX(?) and combines all features ?
    So long guys ! AdiumX is my favorite !

    a frenchie

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