Regarding CPU/Thread/Resource usage in b14

Just FYI, we’ve tracked down most of the problems with threading (probably all of them, but won’t know for sure until b15). If you have the problem when b15 is released, please report that on trac, irc or the forums.


  1. That has been the main issue I’ve seen in b14, so definitely looking forward to b15.

  2. I had this, but I trashed the preferences and it’s alot better. But what should a normal cpu usage for adium be?

  3. I’m thinking this has been an issue since before b14? One or two of the previous betas started running off with the CPU as well, I believe.

    Anyway, I look forward to it being gone – well done. Right now, I have to restart Adium every couple of hours at best.

  4. Normal cpu usage for Adium should be 0 to 2% CPU on most computers while connected, with spikes when sending and receiving messages and elevations when doing intensive tasks such as signing online.

    And yes, anonymous 2, there were some problems before b14, but they became much more significant in b14.

    Note that b15 will not fix *every* problem but just one set of particularly bad ones.

  5. uhh my adium has been messed up the past day or two.. has anyone else been having this problem?

    my yahoo works but not my aim on adium.

    and i tried redownloading the program and i got nothing.

  6. I just looked at Activity Monitor and with 4 services signed on, for Adium there are 299 threads and cpu at idle is 12%

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