We can rebuild him; we have the technology.

Chris is currently converting our Trac to a different database engine, in order to make it nice and fast and hopefully more robust too. It will be down in the meantime. It will be up when he is done.

UPDATE 03:03 PST: It’s back up!

5 Responses to “We can rebuild him; we have the technology.”

  1. Damien McKenna Says:

    Out of interest, what was it before and what is it now? May I guess that it used to be MySQL and is now PostgreSQL?

  2. David Smith Says:

    It used to be SQLite and is now PostgreSQL.

  3. David Says:

    The version history has disappeared!

  4. KAMiKAZOW Says:

    Back up? says: „Welcome to a 23i Networks hosted site.

    This site should be online very shortly.

    Thank you for your patience.“

  5. Anonymous Says:

    yeah, deffo not back online… getting same 23i networks notice…