Attention Earth People: Adium 1.0.1 now available

Adium 1.0.1 brings a hefty set of bugfixes for such a tiny version number increase. A common AIM file transfer problem (in which one side would immediately see the transfer as canceled) has been fixed. We’ve squashed a double handful of common crashes and bugs which will never again plague our beloved users. 7 distinct memory leaks in 5 different situations were closed, further lightening Adium’s footprint. Last but not least, my girlfriend Jade turned 25 today. See the version history for all 25 improvements, then download away!

As always, thanks to our site and support host Network Redux and our download host CacheFly. Want to help out with development? See Contributing to Adium for information on bug hunting, coding, and donating. πŸ™‚


  1. I’m usin your software since the recent 1.0 and I fond a lot of bugs, but I’m in love with the look and feel of Adium. It’s a great idea and I’ll be patient for the desired performance with the updates. You guys are doing a great job!

  2. i can just say, adium is fantastic! it’s an amazing work! even you support the fucking QQ, sorry, i’m a user from china, and all chinese qq users of non-windows hate qq inc. very much. you guys do a excellent job!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    More popcorn!

  4. Surely that should be β€œPeople of Earth, your attention please”.

    (Yes, I am a total HHGTTG geek. πŸ˜‰

  5. Are there any free applications that you can download to make custom toolbar icons? I would really like to know because ive only seen two sets of custom toolbar icons and my current ones dont match my theme. And are there anyways to make the contact list “lock on” to the chat window and stay in place? Im tired of having to drag them both around and minimizing them one at a time, its just inconvenient.

  6. hi,

    Is there a chance to implement the tab style that Metal Adium left behind? It is so slick. I am not sure how many changes need to be made, but other than the lower tab bar, Metal Adium is identical to your Adium (forget the icons; not important). I hope there is a way to do that. Metal Adium will not be updated to accomodate all the other fantastic work you guys do. It would male the message window look more consistent. πŸ™‚

    Cheers πŸ™‚

  7. The “fix” for the file transfer problem has only caused problems for me. Everything seemed fine before, now all kinds of crap is happening, both when I send and receive. My friend is also using Adium 1.0.1 and we’ve been testing..

    When 1 sends to 2, 1 sees “Initiating file transfer…” perpetually, while 2 sees “File Transfer Accepted”.

    This seems to be hit and miss. iChat users often get errors when I try to send to them.

  8. richard: It seems to have improved matters for some network configurations and worsened them for others. We’ve got a more Correct fix in the works which hopefully will do well in all situations.

  9. Please please please – fix problem with pasting links. Just turn off all those magic with a href= and displaying “as in html”. It’s often works incorrect… It’s frustrating and disappointing “feature”.


  10. what the hell is this ‘rate limiting failure’ stuff that is popping up all over the place?

  11. is the support site, folks. Please do not post feature requests or bug reports in the blog.

  12. Hi guys, thanks for a good product, makes my life easier and number of clients less πŸ™‚

    Since this isn’t a bug in the software, and not really feedback, and there’s no mail to the Webmaster at the contact page/AdiumDev page, here goes:

    You guys should probably download the “Your download should start within seconds. If it doesn’t, click here.” link in the download page, it still points to 1.0

  13. hey can you post picture of you girlfriend plz k thx bai

  14. lol i just downloaded it

  15. seen a bunch of problems with my own buddy icon caching, as well as confusion between the new profile editor and the one located in the original place (after double clicking on account name).

  16. < obligatory >
    So when will you try releasing your fantastic GUI for Linux people (port) πŸ˜€
    < /obligatory >

    ps:- how the heck does this block remember my nick as kyro, I am shocked. cause i never visited this site from this machine (laptop) evaarr.

  17. kyro:
    If you have a Blogger account, that’s what it grabbed… and with the new Google ID integration, it may be getting that, too.

  18. I’ve never gotten AIM file transfer to work with Adium. Not even in the new version. πŸ™

  19. Can you add contact search for main window? My list of contacts is long and in no way tidy… Windows Live Messenger got this..

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