Adium 1.0.2 is now available!

What could possibly make this beautiful Sunday any better? How about a new version of Adium? Adium 1.0.2 is now available. This bugfix release fixes several “favorite” crashes, improves AIM file transfer (again!), speeds up the Chat Transcript Viewer, improves interactions with iTunes and the OS X keychain, and more – a total of 25 significant improvements.

As always, thanks to our site and support host Network Redux and our download host CacheFly. Want to help out with development? See Contributing to Adium for information on bug hunting, coding, and donating.

Are you a student interested in getting paid to participate in open source development this summer? Read about the Google Summer of Code and apply immediately; only 33 hours are remaining before the deadline!


  1. A Friday CNN article about protecting children from online predators has a screen shot of Adium:

  2. Ahahahah! That is pretty damn funny. No wonder Adium is so popular.

  3. heheh it’s good to see free publicity for free software 😛

    but. . no one will notice it’s adium.. exept people who already use it . .. but it’s good to see cnn uses adium (or their graphic editors)

  4. oh yeah and update de beta page

    it still says beta4 or smth


    cant receive files.
    can send on Adium but not receive.

    can someone help me?


  6. whats up with the itunes thing whats it do? can i put music on it? please let me know

  7. Since I upgraded to 1.0.2, my user icon has been a weird picture of a strawberry I’ve never seen before. Better Yet, no matter what I do, I can’t change it.

  8. photo contacts no update, contacts msn simbol microsoft. bug

  9. Thanks for your effort, and most of the features in this relased are fine and look nice to me. Thanks a lot!

    However, it seems that the msn buddy icon problem in version 0.82 has recurrented. I can no longer see some of my friends’ buddy icons updated.

    It is weird that only some of msn accounts have this problem, while the rest of them the icons still updates. Does it related to the formats or sizes of the pictures that my friends used in their native msn client on pc? So weird….

  10. thanks for the new version of Adium… I hope, Adium will get better n better soon…

    especially in YM n MSN, conference call person to person n webcam view(iSight). Buzz!! for YM

    Keep it up, Adium! 🙂

  11. Good work,Thanks!

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