Adium in GSoC 2007

Google is doing their Summer of Code again in 2007, and we’re participating for the second time. Woo-hoo!

We did really well last year. Two of the projects from that GSoC will be released in Adium 1.1, which we hope will be ready later this year: new and improved tabs, and . (We’d have more, except that two others required Java, and we’ve since dropped that.)

Student applications are now being accepted; more information is on the GSoC webpage, as well as our SummerOfCode page on the Trac. You may also wish to read the Adium GSoC students blog.


  1. Go Summer of Code!

    Lets get some AV wizards! 🙂

  2. would like to welcome one of our newest patchers, Paul Roger Livesey. Paul came to us due to the recent posts requesting help.

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