It’s still not too late to get in on the Summer of Code!

Evan and I mentioned before that the deadline for GSoC student applications is today, Monday at 5 PM PDT. The nice folks at Google have extended the deadline to tomorrow at 9 AM PDT. I’ve updated the press release to reflect that, but decided that it would be a good idea to make a new post about it as well in order to poke your RSS reader.

And once again, for more information on applying to Adium for the Google Summer of Code, see our SummerOfCode.


  1. Peter,
    I had some questions about Adium Apple Scripts and contributing to Adium

    1.Is there any repository of sample Adium Applescripts I can view?

    2.Is there any way to open downloadable the AppleScripts in the Xtras section in the Script Editor on Mac? If not, is there another way to view the code for those scripts?

    3.Finally, I am a Mac User with some programming experience. I would like to contribute to Adium development (for free because I enjoy using the software).
    I am planning on downloading the source, looking at it and learning some Objective-C before proceeding.
    Is there a resource person I can contact for ideas on what to do?


    George Armah

  2. George: check out the post titled “Wow” further down the page. It’s got a bunch of links and suggestions 🙂

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