We need help

Hey folks,

So it’s been a long road to 1.0. We’re still recovering. Some things however have always been the same for the project. One of those is the following

We need help

We need help in a couple of forms which I will explain below. Basically we’re at a point where we are getting a lot of new users, so we need some additional resources in a couple of areas.

Help with users

For starters, let’s take a look at the “Needs Feedback” milestone on Trac. There are, at the moment of this writing, 242 open tickets in this milestone. It should be much lower. Our general policy is to leave a ticket open for 2 weeks once placed into this milestone, and then to close the ticket as “WorksForMe” until we get feedback on it.

In general we try to get back to users as soon as we can, but it’s hard to do on a project like Adium. Ticket triaging is down to myself and Eric. The first week that Eric started helping with tickets, he processed about a thousand untouched tickets, which is why he leads the TicketTaskForce. If you would like to help with the TicketTaskForce, please contact him.


We are in dire need of more developers. We have some really great developers already, but they can’t do it all alone. This is the reason we haven’t done things like Voice and Video, because we just don’t have enough hands to tackle something like that.

If you would like to help with development, please contact either David or myself

Summer of Code

Last, but not least. We’ve been invited to Summer of Code again. If you are interested in that, please see our summer of code page on trac.


  1. I have a good bit of Java experience, but don’t know ObjC. Is there anything developery I could help with?

  2. I would like to help, though I have little knowledge in Objective C. I know how to program in Java and ANSI C.

  3. What are your plans moving forward with Apple’s deprecation of the Java-ObjC bridge?

  4. @mick and nevin:

    You should be able to pick up cocoa in a few days, if that. Hop onto #adium on and look for The_Tick (me) or Catfish_Man to discuss it.


    We’ll no longer use things that require the java-objc bridge.

  5. I’ll help port it to Windows 😀

  6. @adam:

    good luck, let us know how it goes

  7. If you need a French translation : I’m here ! For code : no enough time.

  8. I could help coding stuff that doesn’t require ObjC/Cocoa knowledge – unfortunately i don’t have the time nor the interest to learn these.

    good luck with your project!

  9. I have absolutely no ObjC experience, but I’d definitely be willing to lend a hand to the TicketTaskForce. I use Adium A LOT, so that’s the least that I could do. Email me: [at]

  10. I have 2 years of objc experience, but I’m a high-school senior, so if age isn’t a problem give me a ring. I’ve been programming ever since I was a wee tot, and I love solving complex problems.

    matt.a.tavares [at]

  11. A have certain amount of experience in usability and user-actions. Also I’ll be glad to help out on a Danish translation if you’re in need.

  12. If you need a Check translation : I’m here ! With pleasure.

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