Google Desktop and Adium

Yesterday, Google released Google Desktop for Mac. I’m happy to report it should import and search your Adium chat transcripts right out of the box. Google Desktop can search any content that’s Spotlight-enabled, and we’ve had our logs searchable by Spotlight since Adium 1.0.

Thanks to the Google Mac team for the shoutout, and congratulations on your release!

5 Responses to “Google Desktop and Adium”

  1. Henry Todd Says:

    Wait a minute, spotlight searching of chat logs doesn’t work. It’s bug #6287.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    sorry, but i just don’t get this google desktop hype.
    what can google desktop do, what spotlight cant do?!

  3. David Munch Says:

    Anonymous: Word has it that it should be faster than Spotlight and can search Google on-the-fly. Other than that, well..

  4. nakliyat Says:

    thank you veryy veryy much…..

  5. Anonymous Says: