The Instant Messenger Formerly Known As Gaim

Check out, the new home of the instant-messenger-formerly-known-as-Gaim. The Pidgin team explains there the reason a name change was needed.

Gaim is henceforth “Pidgin” — a really awesome name for an instant messaging client. (If you aren’t familiar with the term ‘pidgin’ from linguistics, ). Note also that our ideological ties to the project (already significant, given that the core library is the foundation of our messaging connectivity and that we share open source philosophy) have strengthened as a result of name change… Adium’s a duck, Gaim’s a Pigeon (logo still pending, but it’ll be iconic, I promise), and the text-based client based on libgaim, formerly “Gaim-Text,” is now “Finch”. I for one welcome our avian overlords 🙂

Through the name change, ‘libgaim’ has also gained life of its own. The library which previously we were hacking together out of parts of the Gaim source is now an independent, recognized entity (as of Gaim 2.0.0b6, actually). Accordingly, it has its own name now: libpurple. (This is a play off ‘prpl’, which is what a libpurple instant messaging service, or protocol, plugin is called).


  1. Wow, that was unexpected – when I first read this post I thought it was an April Fool’s day joke that I’d missed in my RSS feeds. The Gaim team certainly did a good job of keeping quiet about this.

  2. i like the name Pidgin really much, but it seems weird to me that they called the library (and also the text based version) completly different. why not “libpidgin”?

  3. It’s a play on the term used for protocol plugins (Oscar, MSN, etc.) – prpl.

  4. thankks

  5. The link at bottom whick shows “Powered by libpurple” is point to a wrong address,

  6. There is a new issue for the “Powered by libpurple” banner:

  7. hi there im using tiger 10.3.9 why if i install this program. this program cant running. what can i do

  8. I just switched from Windows to a Mac. I used to use Pidgin but now found Adium and it looks much sexier. But what can I do with all my old chat transcripts? Can Adium import them?

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