Adium 1.0.3

The Adium team is proud to announce the release of Adium 1.0.3. This is a significant bugfix release of the 1.0 series recommended for all Adium users running OS X 10.3.9 or later. We’ve reduced Adium’s memory footprint by plugging a major memory leak, greatly enhanced Adium’s ability to do AIM file transfer and direct IM when behind an Apple Airport router, improved retrieval of MSN buddy icons, fixed printing and Spotlight searching of chat transcripts, and fixed many more bugs and crashes. The Adium translators have kept their end of the bargain, so your favorite instant messaging client is still available in 18 languages in addition to English, plus some regional localizations.

Adium 1.0.3 switches to Unsanity’s Smart Crash Reports (SCR) for crash reporting. Adium will not install Smart Crash Reports automatically, but we recommend that you do so yourself. SCR lets information about crashes be sent both to an application’s developer (that’s us!) and to Apple (so that Apple engineers are aware of the problem and can fix it if it is from Apple’s own code). Installing is easy, and SCR only does anything if a program crashes.

Thanks as always for the continued support of our excellent site and code host NetworkRedux and our download host Cachefly!

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  1. Great!! Memory Leak fixed. Thanx so much!

  2. Is Smart Crash Reports open source? I run Adium b/c it is free software, and I would rather not install non-free components.

  3. SCR is an InputManager. InputManagers are deprecated and will not work in future OSX releases. After last year’s Java debacle you once again bet on a dead end technology.

  4. Given that there are those of us who don’t (or won’t) use SCR, have you left the old crash reporter in the codebase, or stripped it out entirely?

    Personally, I can see that maintaining your own crash reporter when there is an already-developed option you could use that doesn’t require development and maintenance time might not be an appealing decision, but there are definitely those of us who refuse to install any Input Managers, including SCR.

    I looked through your trac very briefly, and saw there had been mention at one point of replacing your own “evil hack” of a crash reporter with Breakpad (nee Airbag). What happened there? Was Breakpad not far enough along, yet? I have to say that I find it ironic that John Gruber previously praised the Adium project for doing the right thing WRT maintaining its own crash reporter rather than using SCR, and now you guys have switched “to the dark side,” as it were.

  5. The dark side, so to speak, is silently installing SCR. That’s what got all the bad press, and we will never do that. We do still plan to switch to breakpad, but it’s not ready yet, and we had to get off our custom reporter. The web side of the old reporter (not publicly accessible) was just falling apart to the point of unusability.

    So no, we’re not betting on a dead technology. We’re using a dead technology as a stepping stone to a newborn one. For now, it’s working remarkably well. We’ve already used reports from it to fix at least one crash I know of, and report another to Apple.

  6. Hi guys, I just updated and now I can’t see any text in the group chat window. Not my typing, not my friends’ typing, not the date, nada.

    I have quit and restarted Adium, no joy. Any suggestions?

  7. INPUT MANAGERS! UNSANITY! FTW Apple is disabling unsanity apps and input managers, oh well ALTEAST its not installed by default, other then that, awesome work STILL
    go adium

  8. Why do my contacts keep disappearing form the list?

  9. The comments regarding InputManagers I assume refer to leopard, and come from the ArsTechnica article…

    The article is wrong: Input Manager plugins STAY in Leopard. However the user is asked whether they want to enable that functionality or not. A security window prompts the user to allow or deny, in a similar way to Startup Items.

  10. Is there any reason my adium has opened UDP port 54136? This only happened after the upgrade.

  11. after update, encryption is not working with users of gaim on linux. Only a series of “malformed message” and “unreadable message” messages.

  12. Another user with blank chat. I have reinstalled, restarted, etc, and nothing shows up in my chat window. I am reduced to tail -f’ing the log file. Help!

  13. How can I enable that chat logs are found by spotlight?

  14. I am no longer able to see my status message and be available at the same time. It worked fine in 1.0.2. Am I missing something?

  15. Group chat is broken in 1.0.3; it will be fixed in 1.0.4 which we will try to have out next week.

    Available messages in AIM appear to be broken at the server level, as iChat users are also experiencing the same problem. Hopefully AOL will fix their servers soon.

  16. Thanks for the update guys. I truly appreciate your effort.

    I enjoy using Adium.

  17. Is this Breakpad you speak of the one from Mozilla: ?

  18. tamarok: correct. It looks quite promising, especially since we may also be able to use and other tools they build up around it. 🙂

  19. After upgrading to 1.0.3 I’m unable to receive files. Whenever I click ‘save as’, nothing happens. Will try the beta of 1.0.4, or just revert back to an older version. I’m using Tiger, 10.4.9.

  20. Both 1.0.3 and 1.04b4 crash when launched. My name shows up, but it never goes online, just freezes before i do anything. I’m running OS 10.3.9.

  21. Cant’t connect Google Talk anymore…

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