AIM Available messages are broken for now :(

We’ve gotten a slew of reports of broken AIM available messages, including the iTunes status. Unfortunately, this is a problem with the AIM servers. iChat, Pidgin, Miranda, and other clients are all seeing the same problem as a result. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon. In the meantime, while Adium won’t report an error message if you set an available status, it appears that your contacts won’t be able to see the message. When it’s fixed, it’ll be fixed for everyone.


  1. gdi AOL .. this is your own fault driving us away with the MOST bloated client out there.

    i swear they are a bunch of money grubbing assholes… I wouldn’t be surpised if this was a guerrilla ploy by AOL / Time Warner / Whoever the hell else the own to get retribution on Pidgin.

    oh and big is not always bloated. Big is beautiful if it has the assets to back it up.

  2. available statuses are sweet, i hope they fix it soon.

  3. Robert, this is broken in AOL’s own software, too. This is not any sort of power or strategy play on AOL’s part.

  4. Well, this sucks. I’ve been wondering about that, good to get confirmation that I’m not going crazy or anything.

  5. My iTunes status has been broken for a while, but then it just started working again today. I have made no changes to my Adium configuration in the last couple days.

    Here’s hoping it’s permanent 🙂

  6. I’m in the same situation as Michael.

    I too am hoping that they fixed it up on the server side!

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