SoC: XMPP New Registration

Hi again,

Since there has been some confusion among libpurple developers on how the new registration I added to Adium works, I’ve created some screenshots that might be of interest to others, too:

  1. Creating a new account is unchanged, of course.
  2. This is the slightly modified account pane. Note the “Register New Account” button there.
  3. After clicking that button, a new view comes up, which allows you to either enter your own server to register to, or choose one from the list (the list is automatically fetched from The numbers on the right display the geographical distance to that server in km, I’m not sure yet if I should display that. The list is ordered by that number.
  4. I’m entering my own testserver of my local LAN, though. You won’t be able to reach that one 🙂
  5. After clicking “Request New Account”, the view switches back to the regular account pane and Adium (via libpurple of course) connects to that server and requests the registration form and displays it. This form view isn’t final, I have to work on that some more to get it to look more Mac OS X-like.
  6. I’m entering the data for a new test account.
  7. Registration successful! Note that the values have been filled in automatically in the account editor. The account itself hasn’t been created yet, though. This will only be the case when the user presses “OK” in that window.

I hope that this will solve the confusion, and why I need those code changes 🙂


  1. Hey that looks really great! If Adium gets decent support i can maybe finally switch to Jabber

    Just wonder why the huge “register XMPP account” text is displayed text?

    perhaps make the text smaller, with a margin on the left side

  2. It’s displayed twice, because libpurple supplies this information as both the title and the heading. I’ll probably just hide the title in the window 🙂

    I’ll add the margin and make the text smaller, yes.

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