Adium 1.1 beta

Adium 1.1 beta is now available for your testing. This a major Adium release — see the beta page for the list of changes.

Got something to say about the 1.1 beta? Please use Trac after reading ReportingBugs. Enjoy!


  1. This is going to be such an awesome release… Thanks for such an awesome app

  2. Hey, thanks for the great work. Anyway, the Disk Image does not attach, Disk Utility keeps telling me “Device not configured”. Any clue?

  3. Thanks for your work. Will Adium support Yahoo! chat with MSN?

  4. Forums are down right now, but I think this question is important enough to share here:
    Is there any official “get adium” image to use if we’d like to spread the word?
    I just noticed that there is not an official one anywhere on the site, however I do remember there being a contest long ago for it.

    I would like to share the duck, but I need a good duck link image!


  5. I’m really looking forward to getting the 1.1 final release – but PLEASE, fix the ICQ-Away-Message-Bug (status messages of adium users are not shown to other icq users)
    thanks, keep up the good work

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