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Currently we are in the process of moving forum hosting from the generous hosting of James Cox to Network Redux.

As some of you may or may not know, we actually had a bunch of projects on the forums, called Cocoaforge. It was a concept that James went along with us on, he came up with some parts of the idea. Overall it’s been a great experiment, with users from one application learning about others, and everyone helping everyone else out.

The move to Network Redux is due to a time constraint issue placed on James. Also, the donated servers he was using are now no longer free to use, so there is a cost issue. Finally, we here at the Adium team would like to experiment with providing more shared services between projects, so this move enables us to look at our options for that.

We do not have an ETA for how long the forum move will take.


  1. Wait… so I lose my 2778 post count?

    Shucky darn!

  2. I would really love a metal look to adium. Metal Adium was awesome, but they can’t keep developing it. Please consider this as it looks beutiful on the mac.

  3. anonymous: please use Trac for this request. If you don’t have an account, then the link for registering is at the bottom of the ‘Support & Development’ page.

  4. Note that brushed metal is a thing of the past and will be gone in Leopard anyways (take a look at the screenshots at

  5. I really like the metal that comes with UNO.

    Is better than Apple UI

    Why not use that…

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