How to use Nudge/Buzz in Adium

Hey folks,

With Adium 1.1, we added better support for both Nudge (msn) and Buzz (yahoo), thanks to Zac. After looking at some comments on digg and other sites, it looks like folks were a little confused as to how to use this, so I made a video about it. I go over how to use /nudge, but if you are on yahoo it should be /buzz

2 things I didn’t cover in the video: You can also send a nudge or buzz by using the Notify toolbar button (which you may have to add to your toolbar) or by selecting “Send Notification” from the Contact menu.

You can check out the video in the Video section!

9 Responses to “How to use Nudge/Buzz in Adium”

  1. Zop Says:

    Nice! A video once a week, or maybe once a month, with useful tips how to get the most out of Adium would be great (like Apple Quick Tip of the Week and MacBreak).

  2. Nayan Says:

    how did you get the X to come on your growl messages when u hover over them?

  3. Tiago Veloso Says:

    And how did you make them start from the bottom?

    They seemed like the Smoke display option. I don’t see where to change that.

  4. Zac West Says:

    Those are all features of the current Growl beta.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    this would be a good video to put in the video section of this site

  6. Zac West Says:

    Indeed, I just moved it over.

  7. Nico Says:

    how did you make the contact list appear in that way?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I have a question.

    aMSN isn’t in any way supported by Microsoft, and still it sports webcam support with MSN.

    How come AdiumX can’t use the same technology those people are using?

  9. David Smith Says:

    aMSN is written in an incompatible language and framework. *At most* it could be used a reference while doing a rewrite using different technologies.