Coming in Adium 1.2

Adium 1.2, our next major goal, is going to be a crazy awesome release. In the last two days we’ve finished the initial merges of our Google Summer of Code 2007students’ efforts; it’ll be some time and effort before the development trunk of Adium is stable and close to a release with all these incoming changes, but it’ll be well worth it. The Summer of Code was a huge success:




  • Erik Beerepoot worked on multi-user conferencing in Adium, making good strides toward a more full-featured, shiny group chat experience.



  • Matt Handley greatly expanded Adium’s AppleScript support; it will now be possible to control Adium easily via AppleScript, paving the way to even more great user content and control customizability.




In addition, Adium 1.2 will utilize libpurple 2.2.0, which will bring a number of improvements, most notably the results of a Google Summer of Code project for Pidgin by Jeff Connelly which has added MySpaceIM support.

Join us in improving Adium! Read Contributing To Adium to learn how you can help 🙂


  1. Any chance for a beta for those of us who like to live on the edge? 🙂

  2. If you like to live on the edge, try compiling from source ( and becoming one of our testers! Hang out on #adium on and help us report issues you find.

    It’s an easy way to join our community, but remember that compiling yourself means that you *could* lose your logs/contacts/harddisk/puppy, so make sure you’ve got backups!

  3. Will the XMPP/Jabber improvement mean that a plugin to Twitter could be in the future?

  4. In what way is Twitter related to XMPP?

  5. I don’t think a plugin for Twitter is necessary as i believe it already supports XMPP (and other protocols).

    The following article just popped up in the Planet Jabber feed about Twitter, Jaiku and Plugoo:

    The author seems to believe that Jaiku is the one with more potential due to it’s XMPP exclusivity. I don’t have an opinion one way or the other as i’ve never seen the point in such services.

  6. I am pleased to hear about all the goodies to come! I also find it amusing, in a good way, that Adium will have (well, implemented with libpurple) MyspaceIM support even before MyspaceIM actually has a Mac client (they have yet to release one, and I doubt they will anytime soon).
    While MyspaceIM might not be the next big hit, with Adium’s parental controls (to come?) and already implemented ways to log and control things, MyspaceIM will be safer for the youngsters to use via Adium.

    With all that said, way to go on the new goodies and I wish Google Summer of Coding was year-round, so we could get these things more often 🙂

  7. Myspace has an IM wt….. Not like I would use it but I never would of thought mypsace had its own im. I guess it’s kinda cool to add mypsace to Adium as it make adium more attractive to a whole new audience.
    Great work, I’m waiting for adium to tell me there is a beta waiting to be donwloaded. Peace

  8. katlady81 Google summer of code is year round. It just depends on if adium gets accepted or not, I don’ see a reason why It wouldn’t

  9. Correction, Google Summer of Code is yearly not year round. Sorry I understand what you were saying now

  10. Any chance to see gpg/pgp encryption support like psi or gajim have?

  11. Anonymous: There’s a ticket for PGP support. Our opinion is that OTR is more secure than PGP for IM.

  12. Any news on MSN MSNP14 Support?

  13. Does this new version finally fix the login issues re: QQ? If so, thank you! If there is a fix for 1.1.2 re: QQ login issues, please help!!! Email me at



  14. video video video… please. Make it work with isight camera and MB Pro and MacBook.

  15. The only thing missing from Adium making it the ultimate is IM forwarding via port 80 – I use trillian with imeverywhere in windows and it’s PERFECT. Oh how I wish adium could do this via an addon or native. With imeverywhere and trillian, I can access my home IMs from my work machine via my home machine’s IP on port 80. It’s awesome. Any hope for adium ever doing this?

  16. again no improvements on msn
    ty adium dev freaks

  17. To everyone bitching about these guys not doing “XX…” grow up. This is FREE software. All of them are volunteers and are doing us a favor by working on it at all. If it weren’t for them you guys wouldn’t have anything to complain about in the first place. How bout just being happy that they’re working on things rather than crying because they haven’t done enough. Besides, if you pay any attention you’d know that they’re working on most of that stuff anyway.

    Thanks guys for all your hard work! Keep it up!!!

  18. again someone who doesn’t understand that Adium developers are not full time libpurple developers and therefore have to wait somewhat for improvements to be made
    ty anonymous, impatient complainer who doesn’t know how to read… freak

  19. At the MSN comment, hopefully the MSNP14 branch in libpurple will windup quickly that it can be added to Adium for the release after this one :).

  20. i love you devs :-*

  21. You would be better make ICQ away messages to work: it just sucks …

    No ICQ user can read my away messages -.-

  22. any chance of custom status message implementation. its really a disadvantage not being able to see a persons custom message status.

  23. Ohh please i want a beta. i cant use adium at school now because the http feature is bugged 🙁

  24. MSNP14 milestone was finished today in libpurple, any chance we see it soon in Adium?

  25. that would be great… how mucho do you think it will take to see MSNP14 on Adium?

  26. Once it’s in a libpurple release, it should follow in the next Adium release, barring unforseen problems. 1.1.3 won’t have it, 1.2 almost certainly will.

  27. MSN VIDEO!! MSN VIDEO!! Please, that’s the only thing Adium is missing right now….


  28. @jp You know I want video support just as much as the next but this is getting tiresome now. If I was one of the devs for Adium, and ever blog post contains some punk that keeps writing, video please add video, I would keep holding off the adding of video as I am sick of hearing it. No matter how many times we/they say it’s comming its always the same comment, please add video blah. It’s comming just shup up already.

  29. Btw, ‘MSN VIDEO!! MSN VIDEO!! ‘ doesn’t help either

  30. I would like a text chat client a’la gaim-text (or whatever its new name
    is). I cannnot chat in the office
    with the beautiful adium, it must be
    an application going through ssh (so
    I can use my home network) and should not look like a chat program at ALL.
    Best is it would look like emacs, so
    boss thinks you are doing something
    important. I guess many of us should
    have that “problem” in the office!?!?!



  31. Alot of you don’t seem to realize how complicated it is to implement video/talk to AIM, MSN or the GTalk protocols. It’s not something that can be done in a matter of say 2 or 3 months, especially with a team that’s doing this on their free time and obviously have more important things on their plates like families, friends and work. I’ll spare you the technical details, but you folks really need to stop the complaining and repetitive requests. They get the point.

  32. Hey, Im generally curious….is the option to open your hotmail inbox supposed to work? thanks.

  33. I would really like it if the message windows could be skinned the same way that the contact lists can be 🙂

  34. Para cuando el Skype en Adium?

    De todos modos se merecen un aplauso a este programon! 😉

  35. irc would be great
    still dont understand why adium has no irc since pidgin has is since years

  36. I’d like to request some features (maybe in 1.2 or in the future): working “block” function (doesn’t work on ICQ accounts), working account picture and than maybe audio/video chat. Thank you for your great work!

  37. please, please, please, please, please…iSight support…especially on Macbook and Macbook Pro

  38. @ethan

    Man it’s coming read the FAQ anyways I tried asking where video would be coming from for adium. It’s either coming from libpurple or chatkit. I asked in Irc today but was ignored for steak sandwiches and hoogies. Bummer

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