Adium 1.2!

The Adium team is proud to announce the availability of Adium 1.2. This is a major feature release with a ton of fantastic improvements as well as a a ridiculous number of bug fixes. We’ve discussed many (but not all) of the new features themselves previously on the blog, including the improved Adium menu item and account management features, various and sundry improvements to Jabber support (including SSL certification authentication, server-supplied action support, and discovery services browsing), fixed Bonjour local area network messaging with file transfers, better group chat (conferencing), a completely rewritten Applescript dictionary which should lead to all sorts of powerful new interactions with other programs, and detachable groups. (One ‘advertised’ feature which did not make it into Adium 1.2 was MSN personal messages; development efforts for these are still in progress by the libpurple team. A future version of Adium will have this enhancement once it’s ready.)

That’s not all! Massive improvements have been made to the localization of Adium; if your native language is Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English (including Australian English), Finnish, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, or Turkish, you’ll find Adium 1.2 to be your most natural instant messaging experience ever. 188 tickets were closed by Adium 1.2; each ticket represents a feature request or bug, most filed by users. As always, see the version history for all the noteworthy changes.

A lot goes into every Adium release, from testing to coding to support. We’re a friendly and active development and user community, but we always want for more hands, eyes, and minds. That means you! Remember, Adium is free, open source software, coded entirely by volunteers. See Contributing to Adium for how you can submit patches and code, help hunt down bugs, and donate!

We greatly appreciate the donated resources of our excellent site and code host NetworkRedux (who most recently added donated rack space and connectivity for our Mac Mini build and testing machine, smew, to the array of services they provide us) and our download host CacheFly!


  1. Great! But what about the MSN improvements? (personal messages…) That’s what I expected most

  2. For X’s sake, they already mentioned it in the announcement above. I’m sure that our beloved Adium developers will add it when it’s ready.

    Great work devs!

  3. Awesome! Its like Xmas everytime a new release is out. 😀 Thx alot guys. Apple should give you a truck of cash for the work you do.

  4. I LOVE it.

    Goodbye messenger for mac.

    Good riddance!

  5. Sweet! Awesome job, guys, as usual. 😀

  6. Is there documentation, anywhere, on how to actually bookmark a group chat? I’m completely failing on trying to figure out the interface.

  7. hello i really loved Adium but since i switched to leopard i cant log my MSN account anymore… its connecting until 12% when i connect using HTTP and 0% when i uncheck it…

    i’d LOVE to be able to use adium again anyone can help ??

    thanks for the wonderful app guyz


  8. I dislike the new menu bar item – too cluttered. Even if there was just the option to turn off the message count (and not the status icon)… 🙁

  9. Great work!

    Thank you very much for all the work you guys put in.

    Adium Rocks!

  10. Man, I am digging Adium. As wonderful as the new iChat is, Adium is a whole other territory. I made my contribution, and plan to pay more in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  11. I would like it if « French Canadian » would be replaced by Québécois.

    I don’t consider myself canadian, but I have to live in Canada because my country was invaded by the british.

  12. defaults write “$HOME/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Users/Default/Status Menu Item” “Status Menu Item Unread Count” -bool NO

    It’ll remove the unread messages count in menu bar

  13. I was really impressed and then I went into chat.

    HOLY SHIT, the list of people in the chatrooms is on the WRONG SIDE OF THE WINDOW. *NO* other program, including the previous version, put the list of users in the chatroom on the LEFT side of the screen. WTF is up with that?

    Its HORRIBLE to have it that way, and I can’t seem to find any setting to change it back. NOT that it ever should have been changed to the left side in the first place!

  14. Still waiting those MSN personal messages… Libpurple dev team, do your work! 🙂

  15. thank you guys!

  16. Good job – but since I’ve upgraded I can’t log in to gTalk anymore!

  17. Nice, but it’s 3 years that you said that MSN protocol will be inprooved but that still the same.

    I know voice chat required libpurple support but MSN personal messages (for example) don’t.

    So we have to build it by ourself.
    I’ve found that buil where personal messages are active and stable.

    So it’s really this hard?

  18. Impressive!

    You are so active with the development of Adium, and your releases are so cool, many thanks 🙂

  19. Anonymous: Aside from the question being answered multiple times already, there are giant red letters at the top of this page that ask users to submit feature requests (and bugs) to the Trac system. Not in blog comments.

  20. What´s about Spaces in Leopard? It would be good to see contact list in every space or an posibility to change these list between different spaces!

  21. I’m having trouble with resizing my message window. Every time I do so, the lower part (where I write my messages) shrinks down to the bottom. This also happens when my text is longer and need more than just one row. As soon as it the marker jumps down to a second row, the message window shrinks.

    I have tried to find some settings for this, but I can’t find any.

  22. Hey guys appreciate all that you do! Updated when the pop up appeared, now after I send one response I lose the ability to send another, this is with more than one service. Noticed that before it happened I sent the message and the message was still in the text entry box. Heading for the xtra’s to clean house.

  23. Lame that you can’t quit Adium from the menu item anymore…

  24. I’m with zaphraud, need to change the group chat thing back the way it was. its like crappy aim triton grrrrr….

  25. same with me, the message window is resizing to the bottom when i start a window or every 2nd entry. cant find anything to fix it. help!

  26. Just upgraded and it’s killed my GoogleTalk account – refuses to connect. It was all connected OK in 1.1 before I upgraded.


  27. You made a great work… but I still wait for the MSN personal messages to be included to switch from MSN for Mac.

  28. “the message window is resizing to the bottom when i start a window or every 2nd entry. cant find anything to fix it.”

    I have the same 🙁

  29. For all feature requests and issues, please use the forum:

  30. I wanted personal message though… ( and other improvements) but thank you !

  31. when there is personal message support for msn there will be what i’m listening feature too right? that’s the only reason i’m using microsoft messenger.

  32. My current Adium workaround for the MSN Personal message / What you’re listening to issue is to change my nickname to have %_artist – %_title appended. Then the song I’m listening to is at least visible to my friends. It just happens to be included in every message…

  33. esta versión no me gusta.

    La barra de texto donde escribo, siempre se hace pequeña cada vez que cierro la ventana. Y tengo configurado aceptar todas las transferencias automáticamente, y no lo hace.


  34. Yep same problem here: Every time i resize the message window, the lower “message lines” reduce to one single line… but yet: i highly appreciate your work and never want to live without my beloved little duck ! thanks so much for your effort ! 🙂

  35. Thank you for 1.2. I hope you guys had a great time over the holidays.

  36. Same as Pixel:
    Automatic transfers dont work anymore.
    Why then?

  37. sorry I didn’t find where to post it but.. in version 1.2 the auto accept file transfers doesn’t wort it always ask me to accept it, could you check this please?…and sorry againd i didn’t find the right place to post it and that’s why i post it here…

  38. On Adium 1.2 my GROWL is not working 🙁
    on Mac OS X Leopard

  39. Here’s some pictures of Smew on his (her?) rack at Network Redux:

    So glad we’re helping with such an awesome product!

    –Carla, Network Redux

  40. I’m a big fan of Adium. But Adium 1.2 is full of bugs and crashes. Unfotunately i had to downgrade to 1.1.4. Now waiting for 1.2.1.

  41. And the features that I would found very useful:
    – View personal messages of my contacts and add my own personal message.
    – A link to my Mail.
    – The History of the conversations saved as a RTF file in order to open it with Pages or Word. Actually I can view the conversations only in Adium.
    – Availability to hear nudges.
    – Send and receive messages offline and availavility of opening new chats with contacts offline.

    If you get so, Adium will be better than Windows Live Messenger. Thank you!

  42. In the last message, currently instead of actually. And I ‘ve found a bug but I don’t know how to use Trac, so I will report it here.
    When I have the mouse over the contact list and I change of space, if I put the the mouse again over the zone in which Adium would be if this space would be its space, the properties of the contacts are showed over the Desktop or over the window I’m using just like if I hadn’t changed of space.

  43. For those who are reporting bugs here, the simple instructions for using Trac and reporting a 1.2 bug to the development team is

  44. When is it possible to expect Ukrainian localization?

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