Adium 1.2.1

Hot on the duck feet of Adium 1.2 comes a new version just in time for the weekend!

Adium 1.2.1 fixes a number of bugs accidentally introduced in 1.2, significantly reduces Adium’s memory footprint (both by fixing a couple leaks and by optimizing memory usage), improves the new Applescript dictionary, and corrects a gaggle of other issues. Group chats will now automatically reconnect when your instant messaging account reconnects, too!

We’ve expanded the horizons for use: Adium 1.2.1 is the most accessible version yet, with major improvements to support for VoiceOver and other assistive devices, and this release also brings a new translation into Slovenian.

See the version history for all 44 noteworthy changes.

Please don’t forget to contribute however you can; we’re always looking for patch writers and new developers, in particular. Also, please take a look at our site host NetworkRedux and our download host CacheFly if you’re in need of network services.

Enjoy =)


  1. Excelent, your updates always come as fast as they can, now hows that for service. thanks guys, great job and great app

  2. hi, thanks for all the updates! but i was wondering is adium 2.0 still under development or is this adium 2.0 renamed? kind of confused. thanks!

  3. Every user of Adium should buy beer for the devs as they need to sit back and relax. You guys rock. Thanks for the such hard work you guys do.

  4. There is no Adium 2.0 😉

  5. I just updated Adium using the automatic update and now the certificate is not trusted. Why is the certificate not trusted? Did I just surrender my gmail login to a phisher?

  6. Having just recently switched to the Mac I’m loving Adium. It’s the best IM app I’ve ever used. Kudos to the developers!

  7. Yeah, Adium is THE greatest of all.
    What Adium still misses though is A/V support and iTunes status.
    I don’t complain, Adium is the best as it is!

  8. Adium does have iTunes status, and from what I understand A/V support is coming and will be in version 2.0. Yes, 2.0. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. No personal messages & custom emoticones 🙁
    Great though

  10. Adium IS the exact kind of instant messenger I was looking for.
    Thank you very much 🙂

  11. I love you guys and your work.
    But for some reason when my computer goes into a screen saver Adium crashes.

    Running Mac OSX 10.4.11 and Adium 1.2.1 on a PowerBook G4.

  12. Tnx for the great work, as usual!

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