Adium chatlog importer for DEVONthink Pro

Those of you who use the DEVONthink Pro organizational software may be happy to know that the developer has released several scripts for importing chat logs from other applications.

Specifically, he has released an Adium importer, an iChat importer, and a Second Life importer on his blog. Now you can organize your transcripts from those applications as well as your other documents.

The Adium importer is made possible by our XML log format, which makes writing importers and converters easier by being an open format. This means that, if you’re a programmer, you can write an importer or converter too.


  1. While it was at first frustrating that the file format was XML and a conversion was needed, after some playing with it, it proved extremely flexible. Due to the strucured nature of the files I was, e.g., able to easily find the corresponding Address Book records for each person. Thanks again for your help!

  2. i can’t wait to open my adium one day and see “2.0 available, install and relaunch”. ichat can say goodbyeeee to the dock, i’ll let the duck stretch those wings.
    i’m going to hope for a may launch, anyone want to put money on it?

  3. What I would LOVE is that Adium transcript would be in a format that everyone can read without using Adium.

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