AIHyperlinks Goes BSD, Changes Name to AutoHyperlinks

As of May 13th, 2008 AIHyperlinks, the framework responsible for Adium’s link detection, has been renamed to AutoHyperlinks and set free.

The framework has officially been relicensed under the modified BSD license, allowing Mac developers – large and small – to use our framework in their own projects, both open and closed source, for their hyperlink gathering and autolinkification needs.

So, I’d like to challenge you, Mac developers: changing all the http://’s from a string into links is the most obvious use for it, but I’m really curious what the Mac developer community at large can do with our little framework.

Interested? Read our AutoHyperlinks wiki page, grab the source, give back¬†(if you’d like), and have at it!

4 Responses to “AIHyperlinks Goes BSD, Changes Name to AutoHyperlinks”

  1. Mike Abdullah Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for releasing this framework guys; it looks fantastically helpful for developers to consistently achieve the desired functionality in an intelligent manner.

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    […] Check it. […]

  3. Bas zijn willekeurigheid » Domein-naar-link-systeem van Adium volledig openbaar Says:

    […] domein-naar-link-systeem van Adium is vorige maand ook geschikt gemaakt voor closed source-projecten, met een nieuwe naam, onder de voorwaarden van de BSD license. […]

  4. Adium 1.3 Released! - Clogged Tubes Says:

    […] addition to tons of overall improvements, this release includes the new BSD-Licensed¬†AutoHyperlinks Framework, which offers many, many improvements over the old architecture. This entry was posted on August […]