Adium 1.2.6: XMPP (Jabber) failures

Unfortunately, a ‘small’ mistake in Adium 1.2.6 causes major problems over XMPP. We have found and corrected the problem. Adium_1.2.7b1 is available with the fix, [24183].

Please note that this is a beta of 1.2.7. We’ll try to have a release of 1.2.7 out once we’ve verified that there are no other new problems in 1.2.6 (relative to 1.2.5) which should be addressed at the same time.

Please don’t chime in with every old problem, pet peeve, or enhancement request in the comments of this post!

Caveat emptor: As a beta version, Adium 1.2.7b1 will be very eager to update you to the latest beta, Adium 1.3b6. That’s probably not what you want if you’re sticking to Adium 1.2.x. If you install Adium 1.2.7b1, and you want to update to Adium 1.2.7 when it is released, you will need to check manually and update manually. Otherwise, you will continue to be notified of Adium 1.3 beta updates until Adium 1.3 is released.

Adium 1.3b6 is plagued by the same problem as Adium 1.2.6 with XMPP; this will be fixed for the Adium 1.3 beta series in Adium 1.3b7.

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20 Responses to “Adium 1.2.6: XMPP (Jabber) failures”

  1. Spyro Says:

    So, how do you download 1.2.5 back ?

  2. Evan Schoenberg Says:

  3. seostr Says:

    Installed Adium_1.2.7b1. Works fine for me both ICQ and Jabber accounts. Thanks a lot, guys!

  4. stejano Says:

    oook no problem!thanks to work for us.

  5. Henning Says:

    What about SSL connections?
    I upgraded to new version again this morning to find out that it’s still nto working when trying to connect via SSL (or old-style). When I cancel SSL it connects.
    I tried to use my backed-up version – no chance. Is there a place where Adium stores something of the SSl connection that I have to delete?

  6. el*Loco blogged Says:

    Adium/Pidgin mit Verbindungsproblemen zu ICQ…

    Adium Fehlermeldung

    Obwohl ich per ICQ nur noch selten kommuniziere, habe ich in meinem Adium Client auf
    dem Mac auch meinen alten ICQ Account noch aktiv. Seit heute nachmittag blockt AOL/ICQ allerdings Verbindungen, die
    nicht mit der aktuellen Vers…

  7. Ell Says:

    Ah, and I wondered why Adium crashed regularly after initiating Jabber chats with my remaining friends who were not on ICQ. The contact list was quite empty the last days. 🙂

  8. Guest Says:

    After installing 1.2.7b1 there are still problems, server is disconnecting people after some time, and even with new version I can send messages but doesn’t receive any. It is probably because there are still some people with broken version of Adium on server? Anyway, I am not sure that problems disappeared with this release.

  9. Evan Schoenberg Says:

    This is not a troubleshooting forum. Please file a bug report in Trac ASAP with your debug log if you are still having problems in 1.2.7 which you didn’t have in 1.2.5. We hvae 0 bug reports of problems with 1.2.7 so far, which means *your* problem is unlikely to be fixed otherwise.

  10. ike Says:

    Hello. Isn’t it possible to make (or 1.2.6.a) version just with a patch which fixes this issue? We had _MAJOR_ problem today in my company. It’s nice that you put it on the blog. Thanks for the info.

  11. David Smith Says:

    Why would renaming 1.2.7 to improve the situation?

  12. Sigsegv Says:

    I’m still seeing issues with 1.2.7b1 and flapping Jabber server connection and not receiving messages. (In the debug log, I see the message, but it doesn’t display in the window.) Added comments and files to #10347.

  13. Stella Says:

    I’ve got a big problem with my new Adium Version. The messages I send out are answered by my friends more than 3 minutes later, I mean they have to wait ca. 3 minutes to recieve any message of my account. That’s just like that in the Adium version. In Icq 3.4-version aren’t any problems like that. Can you help me? Cause it sucks to wait more than 5 Minutes for an answer when you’d like t chat with a friend. Thank you 😉

  14. Marius Scurtescu Says:

    I was running Adium 1.2.5 and yesterday I experienced the exact same problem. Was that because of other users running Adium 1.2.6 on the same network or against the same Jabber server?

  15. dhawes Says:

    Note that if you have people in your contact list that that are still using 1.2.6, they must all upgrade or downgrade their clients. Your client will still fail when the 1.2.6 clients send you invalid XML. 1.2.7b1 does not seem to actually fix the issue, which is that XML processing stops when an invalid character is sent from another client.

  16. ike Says:

    David Smith: sorry. I thought that 1.2.7 will have some features too. Of course 1.2.7 is enough.

    OTOH 1.2.7 disconnects right away with “XML Parse error” message. Which means someone still have 1.2.6…

  17. Denis Says:

    mobileme of mac os x broken .mac support in adium

  18. Vince Pad Says:

    Why would Adium delete itself after it is installed then executed? I mean the whole application folder deletes itself.
    This happened on 2 of my Mac Intel chip using Leopard. Is this normal? Or is our IT guy running a script to delete it
    upon starting? I need to know before I take it to my boss lol.

  19. Linh Says:

    Why do the wings keep flapping in the dock now??

  20. zebrum Says:

    MobileMe accounts are broken in Adium 1.3b9. You need to append an @ to user username to get it to work as