Adium 1.3.3 beta 1

Just in time that we can pretend we meant to do it as a holiday gift, Adium 1.3.3b1 is out! The biggest improvements are from updating to libpurple 2.5.3, but there’s an assortment of other changes as well.


  1. It’s Christmas morning in the Netherlands, so your timing is just great. Merry Christmas and thanks for the ultimate messenger gift 😉

  2. Is it possible to turn on old search over contact list (filtering when typing)?

  3. Dmitry: +1! Old filtering search is really great!

  4. Thanks…. What a Christmas gift..!!! Merry Christmas.!!!

  5. yayyy

  6. Great! Thanks for the holiday cheer in the form of software update! Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays!

  7. Hmmm nice to see a new version finally! But I have a question for you…

    Why did the development slow down a lot lately? Is it because you guys are all at school, aka college or university? I would understand that, because I am too (university that is), and even if we have like 6 exams in 3 weeks and no more classes, it still takes off all your time.

    I just wanted to make sure and clear it up in my head 😛

  8. Merry Christmas !
    Adium rocks !

  9. It already happened with another ß version: again all the preferences gone lost, the accounts and the history also. For the second time I had to jump back to the previous version, in this case the good 132. Naturally before to surrender I tried all my best to avoid id but..

  10. I also have the same problem everytime i upgrade from a full to a beta or the other way round. the stored statuses and all history during the use of the previus beta or full has gone. that’s annoying…

  11. Yeas, please give us back the old way of filtering! Really missed that at once!
    No, I never lost any history, accountsettings or something else…

  12. yes. i want my sexy back =.= i mean my Old filtering search back

  13. I still get logged out of Facebook if I’m logged into Facebook Chat in Adium. I don’t have this problem with the Google Facebook plugin for Pidgin. Any idea if this will get fixed in this release?

  14. Any plans to be able to send SMS via Google Chat with Adium (like you’re able to do within the chat client in Gmail)? Or, if this is already possible, how is it done?

  15. Ok, for anyone reading, you can do this in Adium by adding the contact as an AIM contact. For the username, just make it +13105552020 format.

  16. There is a bug, now you can’t find offline contact by typing its nick in contact list, first you have to unhide offline contacts with cmd-shift-h.

    And is down, so I can’t even report the bug.

    Thank you.

  17. PsykX: yep, lots of real-life is going on at the moment.
    We’d welcome any new contributor. See 🙂

  18. Everybody unhappy with the way the search works in 1.3.3b1 see Please only add comments if you have additional information to add. Remember, Trac is not a voting system.

  19. Well, thanks for sharing!

  20. I hope the Adium update will make some UI Tweaks, especially with the chat window getting a more iChat-like chin / type area, just like as illustrated in the image below.

    (to give it a more ichat-like appearance.)

  21. problems with ICQ in Russia!!!

    System Message (icq uin 1)
    The version you are using is not supported by ICQ. Download a free authorized ICQ version from ICQ’s official website.

    What can I do?

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