Cats love to sing

A user named Kyrosan on IRC sent in this video of his cat answering an Adium sound (specifically, the contact-signed-off sound from the TokyoTrainStation set). Behold:

Thanks to Kyrosan for the video link, and to Robby (who is one of the people who help out on our Trac) for suggesting that I make a blog post out of it.

While writing this post, I couldn’t help but think of the story of another cat and Japanese train station.

4 Responses to “Cats love to sing”

  1. 3Dman Says:

    lol nice video
    that’s the sound set I use.

  2. biglittledragoon Says:

    Cats are smartest. Even more than ducks. And, of course, humans; that’s why they invented humans, to build them warm houses.
    So, this is NOT surprising that cats use Adium. 😉

  3. canuck Says:

    Obviously photoshopped — I can see the pixels. 🙂

  4. Cristián Arenas Says:

    Hey, what happened to the trac? :S

    “500 – Internal Server Error” :'(
    how am I gonna live now?!

    BTW, nice cat, I also use that sound, but I would prefer a cat who sang that tune to me instead of my computer 😀