Adium Twitter Account

Howdy folks! Just dropped in to say: we now control our own Twitter account! Follow us and send us nice messages. 🙂

And yes, 1.4 is coming along nicely. Group chat support is amazing now, IRC is going great, and Twitter is almost completed. Lots of changes are in!

17 Responses to “Adium Twitter Account”

  1. CyberSkull Says:

    So, you guys weren’t in control of it before?

  2. stephen Says:

    CyberSkull, this is not the jabber feature that Twitter took away, this is a different way of using twitter.

  3. David Smith Says:

    stephen: Uh, this is a particular twitter account, not a way of connecting to twitter. Someone else registered it a while back, and it took forever to get it transferred to us.

  4. zerock Says:

    congrats on group chat support, i know it took a big while, but it was well worth, so congrats on an excellent im client for the mac. And tried a bit of the twitter support, and being the power user that i’m. Can’t wait to use it full time.

  5. xandir Says:

    What about custom emoticons on MSN?

  6. Sir Lag Says:

    any word on a date for the beta?

  7. Bluey Says:

    I love you guys! 🙂

  8. Willian Max Says:

    What about a version in Brazilian Portuguese? 😀

  9. IrishWonder Says:

    Any update as to when Twitter support will be added to Adium?

  10. Yoshinatsu Ryou Says:

    Well, it’s coming out pretty nice. Been using the nightlies for some days now, and Twitter works like a charm for me, along with the older add-ons.

  11. Piens Says:

    atlast, cant get my hands on that irc protocol. That was the only thing that missed in adium.

  12. mashby Says:

    I had to check the date to make sure that it wasn’t posted on April 1st.

    IRC, Group chat AND Twitter!

    Since you’re granting all my wishes, can I have a pony too?

    — mashby

  13. ericdano Says:

    Where can one find these nightly builds? I’d love to test the twitter stuff………

  14. devylon Says:

  15. Rich Says:

    Nightlies don’t seem to run on Tiger. Darn. Will that be the case when 1.4 is officially released to beta/live?

  16. Rich Says:

    Nevermind. I found the answer in the change notes.

  17. bekabug Says:

    IRC!? ♥ omg yesssssssssss