Adium 1.3.7

Adium 1.3.7 is now available. This release contains a security fix and fixes issues where privacy lists weren’t working for AIM/ICQ users. An updated version of the Facebook chat plugin is also included to address problems with the CAPTCHA check. Additionally, iChat emoticons will now work correctly on Snow Leopard.

Adium 1.4b10 is also now available containing the above fixes, as well as a few other Snow Leopard fixes (such as XMPP SSL connections not working in certain cases, support for remembering to use “substitutions”), QQ client version support, a fix for logs being written incorrectly, and a bunch of other fixes.

Enjoy. šŸ™‚


  1. MSN on 10.4.11 is completely broken. No accounts will connect.

  2. 1.4 b10 is too fat. 83 MB ? šŸ˜®

  3. Very Good. Beta 1.4b10 it’s good!Thanks for all!!! bye bye!!!

  4. Good job, Adium rocks!
    1.4b10 works fine on 10.6.1
    Thank you so much for that’s

  5. what about video?

  6. hi
    so i’m not the only one whose adium 1.3.6 didn’t connect to msn on 10.4.11
    i tryed adium 1.3.7, but still it doesn’t connect to msn…
    somebody else have the same problem?? there is a solution??
    let me know

  7. hi
    also didn’t work the msn for apple, released by microsoft!!
    but my account on windows xp work…

  8. Connected to QQ for 1 or 2 minutes right after account was added in adium 1.4b10. But after that, keep asking for password and cannot login again. Someone has an idea?

  9. MSN is not working since 1.3.6 on my OS X 10.5.8
    Got a “Reading error” when connecting to “messenger hotmail com” port 1863.

  10. I forgot to mention the latest 1.3.7 doesn’t not fix the problem.

  11. My problem solved. When login QQ in Windows, it reported “found abnormal”. Then go to QQ security center to reset password. OK, adium 1.4b10 works with QQ now.

  12. sorry to have bothered you all…
    it was a router problem…
    now it is all ok…

  13. Hi, I have ICQ problem with this update. Updated today and it stopped working imediately (Im on OS X 10.6.1). Tried to downgrade to 1.3.6 but it doesn’t work. Jabber doesn’t work for me niether, although Facebook IM is OK. Anyone else? (tried to erase preferences and stuff)

  14. Sorry about that, it seems like our wifi has a problem or something. Trillian (win) doesn’t work niether. Strange, it happened about the time I made the upgrade…

  15. thanks for the new version, but i’m just questioning why adium didn’t use webcam yet. Cause personally iChat suck it’s the only way i know to have a video chat and i love adium, it’s a good and simple program, so when do you gonna insert the webcam fonction on adium.
    so thanks and i hope i gonna have some news soon

    Ben šŸ˜›

  16. After update Adium does not start anymore on my Mac OSX5.8. šŸ™
    The Application directly quits after start.

  17. I’ve been very happy with Adium since I first started using it. Of late, I find that AIM isn’t logging in via adium. Anyone else having this problem?

  18. Clearly, the problem was by AIM not by Adium. Sorry for the user stupidity.

  19. What about the sending file problem? I send a file to my contact and he/she receives it right away, even without accepting it, and doesn’t get the file at all.

  20. Since the update 2 user in my list have a picture of a guy in a suit with black hair. I don’t know this guy but can he please go away ?!
    Anybody with the same problem?

  21. Wixi: same here. i use icq. yesterday a friend logged in – as he had no avatar before – an then a guy with black biking-sunglasses appeares (only his head).
    but my friend was online after update after i installed 1.3.7 with no problems like that.

  22. The privacy settings are totally failing for me. Even though I have “only allow users on my buddylist” selected, it’s letting anyone IM me. I’ve had to go back to using AIM, because when I try to reset the privacy settings (by going to “allow all” and then back to “allow only those on my buddylist”) Adium will crash. A lot of other people are having the same problem. Please fix it! I hate AIM! šŸ™

  23. You will include a feature for the format of the nicknames? colour and something?

  24. To be the Best Adium just need:
    -Supports to Chats
    -See how many e-mails do you have on your e-mail box from your contact list

  25. im unsure why, but it has been a longgg time that adium is unable to connect to qq accounts.

  26. Can connect to MSN from Adium 1.3.7 (on OSX 10.5.8) using http. But yahoo isn’t working – comes out with “connection reset by peer”. Any idea why this error comes?

  27. having probs with the update. it’s crashing. any solutions?

  28. I am trying to use Adium and my Gchat and MSN won’t work. My facebook, yahoo and aim work! VERY VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!

  29. I have problem with it,I can’t sign in msn on Adium it keeping got and error for many hours,How should I solve it?

  30. After upgrading to 10.6.1 my Adium install went a bit crazy. I could not set my fonts at all, and ended up fully removing Adium from the system. Reinstalling fresh, with no traces of Adium anywhere in my user or system library, let me set my fonts again but something is still not right with fonts and the notification images are very very blurry (the little exclamation point bubble that shows on unread message tabs). Not sure what the deal is with all of this.

  31. I can’t seem to be able to download anything from this site successfully. The in app update fails to check correctly and all of the dmg’s fail an MD5 check and say they are corrupt when I try and open them. I download from other sites all the time and have no issues, any ideas?

  32. Sorry for the double post, I forgot to mention, I tried the download in Safari 4, Fire Fox and Chrome. This issue has been around since trying to download 1.3b10.

  33. Privacy settings (blocking anyone, removing anyone from the blocklist) causes an instant crash on 10.4.11 fully patched. šŸ™

  34. I am updated to Adium 1.3.7, but the blocklist still does not work for AIM screen names. I’ve had to download the actual AIM app and use that instead of Adium :/. I’d really rather not, seeing as how opening Y! Messenger, MSN Messenger and AIM all at once uses up a lot of resources. I am using Mac OS X 1.5.8.

  35. Facebook login is broken. It continuously ask for the CAPTCHA even after it is entered in properly!

  36. Facebook login is very random, it works but then doesn’t. when its not working it continuously asks for my date of birth even after it is entered in correctly.

    Please fix this šŸ™
    OS X 10.6.1 / Adium 1.3.7 / Patience thinning šŸ˜€

  37. Facebook CAPTCHA still broken !?!!??? I really only use adium for FB and a local Jabbar server. In my case 50% of the program has not been patched…

  38. The block list for AIM does not work for me either. I’ve tried setting it so that only people on my buddy list can see me, and I’ve tried the standard “block these people” setting but both are letting blocked contacts see me and IM me. Not going to be able to use Adium until this issue has been resolved. I am using OS X 10.6.1 and Adium 1.3.7.

  39. Hello there,

    I too am experiencing issues with Facebook and CAPTCHA. Even if information is entered correctly, it keeps prompting me over and over. Furthermore, I must confirm I am me when logging into the Facebook site directly. For me personally, I didn’t have any issues with FB login via Adium until 1.3.7

    Using 10.4.11 on the machine giving me FB login problems.

  40. Forgot to mention in my last comment that when I tell Adium to cancel logging into FB to stop the annoying CAPTCHA prompts, it causes Adium to crash.

  41. Facebook CAPTCHA error is back for me as well today. Just started last night.

  42. Facebook CAPTCHA still broken!!! šŸ™

  43. jepp, is still broken šŸ™

  44. On Adium 1.3.7 and on 10.5.8. I keep getting that same CAPTCHA message. Ughhhhh

  45. I really like Adium, but is anyone else incredibly frustrated with Google Talk chat rooms (chatting with multiple friends on Google Talk in the same screen)? No matter what each person’s user icon is on my contacts list, only the Adium logo shows up next to their messages, so I have no idea who is saying what. That’s using the Renkoo message style. When I switch to something like Smooth Operator which shows people’s names next to their messages, it still shows the Adium logo (a different one) for each person and shows their e-mail addresses instead of their names.

    Are there any settings that I’m missing, or is this just the way it is?

  46. I also am having issues with the Facebook login. As with Jason, I can’t log in, get the CAPTCHA screen, enter the info (correctly), but it doesn’t accept it, and then Adium crashes. I love Adium, and have had no problems before this. Frustrated.

    OS 10.4.11
    Adium 1.3.7

  47. After I posted my comment above, I noticed the link to “Facebook chat plugin” but I don’t know which one to install. Could someone tell me which one the proper one for Mac 10.4.11? Thanks!

  48. people, the facebook captcha error has to do with the privacy settings within facebook. when i went to the facebook privacy > applications. and allowed all my details to be seen by application i m not using, then adium connected normally to facebook.

    would be nice to know which of my details must be ON in order for adium to connect properly, so i don’t have all open in FB.

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