Facebook chat change

Due to what appears to be a protocol change, Facebook chat is currently not working. The author of our Facebook plugin is working on a fix. We’ll keep you posted on any new releases that fix it.

In the meantime, feel free to send Facebook some feedback about wanting an official (as in, we don’t mimic the web browser) Facebook chat protocol. If they implement something that isn’t subject to breaking, we’d be able to avoid problems such as this.

86 Responses to “Facebook chat change”

  1. Daniel MacKay Says:

    yayyy facebook is back! the Adium, pidgin, and libpurple team ROCK.

  2. Graza Says:

    THANK YOU HEAPS!! to the Adium, Pidgin and LibPurple team – what a swift response!

  3. Tali Says:

    you guys are UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!

  4. Josh Says:

    Looks like Facebook is finally deploying XMPP:

  5. Joseph Says:

    Facebook did not work for me immediately after the update either, but I disabled the account and then reenabled it and now it is doing great. Thanks so much for your great support, Adium.

  6. Rachel Says:

    I have updated to the most recent version, disabled and re-enabled the account and am still getting the captcha

  7. Jeff Says:

    I went to the newest Beta version and had the same issues. Reinstalling 1.3.8 is what put me back online.

  8. andrew Says:

    i just updated to 1.3.8 and it seems to work fine – pretty cool news about XMPP.

  9. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for the update, Adium. Facebook needs to stop failing. You guys rock.

  10. XMPP User Says:

    I can confirm XMPP is coming soon as a FB employee mentioned it.

  11. Eric Thomas Black Says:

    Going to 1.3.8 worked for me as well.

  12. Rob Snow Says:

    Seems like 1.4b14 still has the Facebook issue on Snow Leopard.
    Just installed and is doing the same thing. Disconnecting!
    Had my hopes up there 🙂

  13. Mikey Says:

    1.3.8 unfortunately is not doing the trick for me. Still getting the annoying CAPTCHA windows. Login to the FB website is working fine. Hmm, maybe in 1.3.9????

  14. Julian Says:


    i’m sorry to hear that but i’m the only one that the facebook chat on adium is working great? I’m using the beta from (nr 14 exactly) and it is working like a charm (like msn does) so what’s the matter?
    I’ve installed it on a clean mac (i didn’t update from a stable version like 1.3.7) downloading the dmg directly from the website. Anyway thanks for mantaining a cocoa version of libpurple 🙂


  15. Rob Snow Says:

    I just did what Julian said, and basically at present it is working fine.
    So, I would suggest anyone else having issues with the beta 14 to follow Julian’s link and copy that version over the existing one.

    Thanks Julian

  16. Jimmy Says:

    Thanks Julian, worked for me

  17. Campbell Says:

    Yeh the Beta works. Cheers Julian

  18. Don Says:

    Hi – great work on Adium. Unfortunately the upgrade does not fix the facebook problem for me. I am getting a different CAPTCHA but does not seem to log on. I opened a browser, and logged into facebook with that – I get :

    “You have a high number of invalid login attempts for your account.
    If you have forgotten your password, reset your password here.”

    And I still get a series of CAPTCHAs with Adium. SIgh.

    I guess if Facebook don’t force you to use the site, you don’t see the advertising.

  19. Julian Says:


    no problem guys, it was a pleasure to me 🙂 I’m a Unix guy, so sharing my experience is usefull for me 🙂 Have a nice day.


  20. Rob Snow Says:

    Has just started doing it again with the b15 🙁

  21. Rob Snow Says:

    Again, I just downloaded the beta rather than updating and installed as clean over the old, and its working fine again. 🙂
    Something in the automatic update that upsets something I think.

  22. Tony Says:

    The beta worked for me too!

  23. Eric Thomas Black Says:

    Ack! 1.3.8 worked for a few weeks and then just tweaked out on me again.

  24. Elijah Says:

    seems like they tried to fix the beta and ended up breaking it also. It doesnt work any longer with the new update.

  25. Johan Carstens Says:

    Dont wana sound hasty but is there an ETA on the new pluggin?
    Im new to aduim and i love it. Moved from pigin. and i run everything on aduim. Just want facebook to.

    Thank guys,
    Love the work!

  26. mel p Says:

    but i think Rob and Julian might be onto something. maybe deleting the app and doing a fresh install is the way to go. i’ve got the beta running, and *touch wood* it seems to be working whereas my upgrading to 1.3.8 was just working and then buggin’ out the entire time. and i used AppCleaner to uninstall – i.e. get rid of plists and everything.

  27. CLopes Says:

    The same thing is happening to me now with the GTalk? Is it the same kind of problem? And will the facebook thing will be fixed anytime soon? just wondering.. 🙂

  28. CLopes Says:

    P.S. Great job anyhow! Adium is so practical!!

  29. elizabeth mccorkell Says:

    i was wonderin wat was going on was really pissin me of. do u wen it will b fixed by

  30. Po-en Says:

    Just stopped working for me again, after Julians fix.

  31. GEli Says:

    It was fixed for a few days, but it seems to have stopped working for me again. Started disconnecting/reconnecting rapidly yesterday, but this was fixed by restarting the program. I’m now getting a captcha window asking me to type two words (rather than my birthdate), and regardless of how correct I get it it just asks again.

  32. James Says:

    I’m still having the same issue where it won’t stay connected. The captcha form isn’t popping up anymore, but it just won’t stay connected to FB at all. I really don’t want to run AppCleaner and remove it completely as it’s taken me a while to configure Adium exactly how I want it to run.

    Is there any news of a proper fix on the way? I tried installing the Beta over the top but it just did the same thing, so I went back to 1.3.8.

  33. Selena Says:

    today is my first day in facebook wow

  34. Kevin Says:

    Well i’m not sure with everyone else but i’m still having the facebook problem and i’m not going to Appclean or Zap it and reinstall. Facebook and Adium need to get on the same page or something because it is becoming very annoying to have to have two different things running for one program.

  35. Xeo Says:

    same problem here, it won’t stay connect!

  36. izdelava spletnih strani Says:

    Hehe Selena welcome.