How to fix connecting with Yahoo! Japan

Yahoo! Japan recently changed some of their server settings. To be able to connect again in Adium 1.3.10, you need to change the Login Server to the current server IP address.

To obtain that information, load and look after the text “CS_IP_ADDRESS=“. The numbers and dots after that are what you should put in the Login Server field, without the preceding text.

Yahoo Japan Configuration image

Adium 1.4 will take care of this automatically.


  1. Woah- you guys are alive 🙂

  2. Till March 2010, there was only one way to login to Yahoo! Japan by Adium 1.3.10.
    Create(add) a new accounts –> Chose Yahoo! Japan(not Yahoo mess)
    –> Set Login Server field as “” and Room List Server as “Asia”
    Since there is no option choice as Room List Server as “Japan”

    All Japanese Yahoo Users are their ID at Yahoo! Japan, NOT
    Only the Selection of Asia in Room List Server Filed worked until March.

    So far, at this point, even today, Adium can NOT login to Yahoo! Japan with Yahoo! Japan ID.
    Putting “CS_IP_ADDRESS”in the Login Server field doesn’t work at all.

    Looking forward to 1.4

  3. Hi,
    Take a look at
    All Yahoo Internationals use Y!.COM EXCEPT Japan, which uses Y!.CO.JP. See Koria, even China, or Asia, they use .ComServer. ID registrations might be taken under Yahoo.COM system.

    However, to login to Y! JP, you must use Yahoo! Japan ID registered under Yahoo! Japan, Y!.CO.JP. So there should be some differences in login b/w Y!.COM and Y!.CO.JP
    I have both IDs and tested one by one. Adium Yahoo mess with my Y!.COM account still worked. But both Adium options of Yahoo mess or Yahoo! Japan, with my Yahoo! Japan account, it’s been completely blocked out.
    In other words, Adium is not be able to login Yahoo! Japan today. Yahoo! Japan want to sweep us out? Maybe? Yes?
    Well…. IP adjustment did not work. Let’s have a hope for something good from 1.4

  4. I was thinking just the same thing as Mike (1. comment).
    Nice to (finally!) hear a word from you again. I would really appreciate it if you were to write about the progress v1.4 is making once in a while – assuming of course, that it doesn’t deprive you of the time needed for coding 😉
    Best wishes!

  5. I was thinking just the same thing as Sakiko (#2. comment), Maruoon(#3.comment).
    Title : How to fix connecting with Yahoo! Japan. Answer : It can not be connecting by changing server’s IP.
    I’m glad that you are getting proper picture and flowing toward better solution. It takes a lot of time, doesn’t it?
    Y! ‘s new messenger Ver 3 looks good and now it is a much easier, much simpler. Many Japanese Macers are switching from Adium to it. Otherwise, not much news from here.

    Anyway, your Japanese Blog is so nice and thank U! > Sakiko
    Tell us your new idea when you are ready and have time.
    Stay in touch!

  6. @Sakiko
    You seem very particular about your design.
    Adium Tiffany?, so cute.
    I love it, girls love it!
    Thank you for your info too!

    What was it you were saying to us the other day about Remote Connect One IP?
    Time capsule works with –one fiber optic line– like this?
    Fantastic! Like Maruoon uses, I can use one mobile line with no routor.
    Apple Store @ Ginza might be interested.
    MY Adium is still flying like before, except yahoo-jp connection.
    Your iPhone version would be the next? Girls like it!

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