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Registering an XMPP ("Jabber") account

Setting up an account via Adium

On most XMPP servers, Adium can register your account with the server for you. Just set up your account as if you were already registered by following the steps described in Creating Accounts, including your desired Jabber ID and password. When the account attempts to connect, Adium will notify you that the account is not yet registered and will offer to register it.

Choosing an XMPP server

Unlike traditional and proprietary instant messaging services, with XMPP there is no central server. Similar to email, users can choose a server and communicate with users connected to a different XMPP server.

There are many public XMPP servers to choose from, has a list. We recommend selecting a server which

  • has an A/A security rating (according to,
  • has a trusted certificate (according to,
  • is reliable, has a high uptime percentage,
  • is in a country near you.

Jabber IDs: username and server

Jabber IDs are in the form username@server. The name adiumuser on would be adiumuser on would be

Username constraints

  • Usernames are case-insensitive (e.g. "StPeter" is the same as "stpeter") and are limited to 1023 Characters.
  • In addition, certain characters are not allowed in your username:
    • @ ('at' sign)
    • : (colon)
    • ' (single quote)
    • " (double quote)
    • < (open angle bracket)
    • > (close angle bracket)
    • & (ampersand)
    • space, carriage-return, line-feed, horizontal tab, and any other whitespace
    • ASCII control characters